Why did HBK finally retire in 2010

He was still putting on really good matches at 44 years old. Figured he could’ve worked a lesnar type of schedule and work a few big ppvs a year. Was his body too beat up to continue or was he just worn out?

He lost his smile?


I think he wanted to be home with family. Plus were they letting anyone work that lesnar schedule back then? When did lesnar come back with that light schedule?

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Butthole injected AIDS finally slowed that faggot down


Probably figured putting on the match with Undertaker was a good way to go out.

Also he did come back in a tag match with HHH vs Taker and Kane and they all shit the bed. If i remember correctly Taker botched a bunch of shit, HHH blew out his shoulder or pec early in the match. He probably saw that as a sign that it’s time to stay retired.


He no longer was the heart break kid but the heart break man

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He wanted to be with his kids.

The heartbreak kid’s kids

Pat Patterson was doing irreversible damage to his b-hole.


Not all the greats want to carry on forever … he had done everything and went out with two kickass Mania matches with Undertaker back to back.

Went out on top still out working guys 15 years younger.

How much time was there between that and when Trips started really running NXT?
I feel like HBK was getting as much or more out of his backstage role / helping Trips with NXT than he felt he could have continuing to get in the ring…especially after that Saudi Shitshow match.

I think hbk had a few solid years completely away from the business. I think he was working on a hunting show even and did some christian movie

doesn’t sound all that solid!

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From wikipedia

In an interview with Bill Simmons of ESPN.com shortly after his retirement, Michaels stated that his decision to retire came a month before WrestleMania 25, when a backstage employee asked about his son Cameron, and, in response to Shawn telling the employee that he’d just turned nine, the employee said that he was “halfway gone”; meaning that he was halfway to his eighteenth birthday, and after that, he’d be “gone”. The statement affected Michaels deeply; he did not want to be absent when his son left home, so he decided that year would be his last year as an active wrestler.[