Why did I pay for the UFC ppv?

They had an hour at the end left and didnt show Sakara fight or the Grice vs Edum fight which was apparently another UK fighter and a good fight. WTF is wrong with you organizers of this stuff.

Not impressed

Hey, who won the Sakara fight?

Sakara apparently

"...the Grice vs Edum fight which was apparently another UK fighter and a good fight"

Terry Etim.

I was there and it was the first fight I saw. The crowd was very warming to Etim as the local fighter. Although it was`short, it was a good fight. Etim caught Grice in a standing guillotine, which appeared to be sunk in as Grice seemed to have lost consciousness. However Grice battled thorugh briefly and Etim through a few strikes to the head in an open guard and finished with a guillotine on the ground. Grice did not tap and was unconscious when the referee, I forget who, stopped the fight at the end of round one.

I was given bad info on the name. Cheers cdc it sucks we missed that one :(

Since it was my first voyage to see UFC live, I was far more interested in the prelims (especially including local fighters) because I could watch them as opposed to only the main PPV card usually shown on Bravo. I hope to see Etim fight again, as I was impressed with his showing and now 10-0 record.

That said, I am disappointed to have missed Liaudin and Taylor's victories too.

The crowd was very close to full capacity at the end of the prelims and the UK fighters received a great reception.