Why did machida turn down fight?

This is a real bummer. I was excited for this fight and thought lyoto had been begging Dana for a shot?

I love Victor but he has Absolutely nothing for Jones bc of his lack of wrestling. Chael interested me more.

But if there going to give it to a mw why not weidman. Throw him to the wolves and lets see where he's really at.

This day has been crazy.

Thank you Jonny brat boy Jones Phone Post


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Obviously Machida turned it down because if he would have won, the next guy in line is clearly Chael Sonnen, and Machida want none of that. Machida is scurred of Chael!!1

- Sonnen fanboys

Kneeblock -  This is what I'm wondering as well. There's no way he got skipped over as he was the #1 contender. He would've had to be the guy who turned it down unless Kawa said no Lyoto right after he said no Sonnen, which I doubt.

Lyoto had to be the one to turn it down. Wonder if he's hurt.

I was wondering this. Dana said he called machida before sonnen.but he was mid air to Brazil (he lives and trains In the US now). So he went with sonnen. But it doesn't explain why machida can't do the 22nd of September gig and vitor is?

Is it a Jones or machida issue on this date? Phone Post

Cos he wanted Anderson silva money bro Phone Post

he's not gonna take a fight on 3 weeks notice.  while Jones already has a full training camp under him. 

with a shot shogun, machida realizes he can beat any 205'er not named jones so why rush his last title shot.

Even if he has to fight one more, he knows he's gonna win.  Hendo wouldnt be a favorite over him and Glover is his training partner so he doesnt have to fight him.

My understanding is:<br /><br />He turned down 151 for good reason. He was slated for the next title shot anyway, and then they want him to do it at the last moment, without a training camp, to just go right into cutting weight for a fight he isn't prepared for. That's not right.<br /><br />I don't believe he turned down 152, however. Dana is being spiteful and screwed him out of it.

Edit: I guess I got that wrong? Lyoto turned down a fight at 152?

I think Machida will never fight Jones unless he gets 90 days notice with a full camp for it