Why did MMAWeekly sell out?!

Nothing good can come from this?! Any ideas?


Rumor has it the deal was for $7.8 million and Ryan Bennett gets his own personal helicopter.

Anyone know who the actual owners were? Was it Bennett?

Bennett is in the sport for the money.

They didnt sell out. Just because you make a business proposition to further the site, get a TV deal on the Fight Network itself, doesn't mean you're "selling out". It's called making a great business decision and furthering your opportunity. I fucking hate if anyone betters their life off of something, its selling out. Shut the fuck up.

As a business owner I can tell you people start businees to make money, many with the goal of eventually selling out after building up equity/goodwill.

The buyer gets an already established vehicle in MMA media with a substantial existing customer base and readership, with any eye on turning those into viewers/subscribers of its new network. aLSO GIVES THEM A JOURANLISTIC BASE FOR THE tv SHOW THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT.

The seLlers may retain some ownership and /or continue to receive income from providing the sites content BESIDES THE INCOME FROM THE SALE. Usually a WIN/WIN SITUATION.

In my eyes selling out is when you do not need to sell the company or product but you do just to make money. That in my opinion is what they did. So more power to them for ruining the company..... way to go!

Oh and Brigham, blow me tool.

Considering Ryan has been working for the Fight Network for several months, I don't see this as a shocking turn of events.

if they sold out it was when they charged for access to videos

Ryan is a good guy, and did it for the love of the sport (unlike others like Dana).

He was losing money everyday from doing his radio show...I dont see how you can say he did it for the $$.

(Frank Trigg also got nothing for cohosting the show)