Why did Pence receive a gold coin after election?

It’s a “biased” article, but I want to know why Pence received a gold coin hidden in a masonic handshake?

Pence Receives Strange Coin After Certifying The Fraudulent Election

Alright friends this is really strange.

Right after Pence certified the fraudulent election, he received a mysterious coin in a handshake.

It almost looks like Pence is being rewarded for selling out Trump or being welcomed into the swamp.

That’s not all though, after Pence received the mysterious coin Nancy Pelosi keeps trying to get Pence’s attention by rubbing her elbows on him.

Pence Receives Strange Coin After Certifying The Fraudulent Election (welovetrump.com)

They give those coins to all the elites, it’s the only form of currency the adrenochrome vending machines accept.


space force coin imo

What was so “Masonic” about the handshake?

look at their fingers

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I used to buy drugs like that. Still do but used to also. Lol


Weird shit like this happens all the time… like the secret envelopes sent out at the Bush funeral.

So, they are smart enough to rig an election but so stupid that the pay off is done in plain sight? Logical

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The ultimate challenge coin. Probably worth 1 huge favor. You son is looking at life in prison for killing a prostitute.? Cash in the coin and it was like it never happened.

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