Why did Saulo close his SD Academy?

Realest post on thread so far.

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A woman I train with spent some time in SoCal training with Saulo and Xande and had nothing good to say about how they were towards women, including her.

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Well it is good to hear that…I guess he doesn’t assault all his students…just a select few. :slight_smile:

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Did you misread what he said or am I misreading?

“and had NOTHING GOOD to say”

It seems like either you misread what he wrote or he made a typo to read:

“and had nothing but good things to say”

Which one is it pbody?

Lol I misread it too that’s why I liked his post and the one after lol holy shit I need more sleep. Just got to work now I think I’ll take a nap

I had to reread the initital post as well because i wasnt sure how to read it

I’m still amazed that we don’t have an answer to this.

Definitely misread!!!

I guess it’s all back to normal then for Saulo.

“Brazilians gonna Brazilian”.