Why did Superman returns suck?

I got it for Christmas and didnt hate it like I expected to. I was stretched out a bit long and there wasnt enough Superman action but it was stylish and well shot and the airplane scene was awesome.

The whole Supes feeding off the sun was a nice touch too. Singer might be a bender but Routh was not a gay Superman. Lex wasnt as camp as I was led to believe either.

I don't think it suck either. However, people wanted more from SUPERMAN...they wanted to see a fight between him and a super being. Plus Superman Return was very similar to Superman 1. Lex Luthor is interested in realty again? So much that they will buy from him? LOL...the US would have NUKE his ass or TAKE the land away from him...so the concept wasn't well thought.

The problem with the movie is that it's made as if it was going to come out 24 years ago.

People don't want to see a movie that's 24 years late.

The studio should have completely restarted the franchise, imo.

Lois Lane was the least likable character in any movie I've ever seen. I liked Lex Luthor more than that bitch. What kind of slut doesn't know who's retarded kid she had, and if she did know it's fucked up that she didn't tell superman.

I liked the guy who played superman, but lex luthor as a movie villain should not have been. They should have put a DC villain that actually has super powers and maybe it would have been a good movie. The whole thing with making land was retarded. oh yeah, The kid acted like he had autism and it was a mistake to create his character in the first place.

I enjoyed it, but wished they had done everything differently.

Start from scratch, like they did with Batman Begins. When both franchises run out of steam as they always do, make a Worlds Finest on straight to DVD.

Can keep Lex as the villain, but make him a billionaire and have him doing shit behind the scenes. We know he's a wrong 'un, but its always implied and not actually shown. Have someone else more spectacular be the bad guy. Lex gets away with it completely. Then in the sequel you could have him running for President or something.

Since he is so powerful, they need to add in problems that he cant solve so easily. Lex is trying(and probably succeeding) to bang Lois. So when Clark has suspicions that Lex is a bad guy but no proof, everyone has a good reason to doubt him. You could even have a completely Clark subplot that involves investigating Lex. Main plot is Superman doing super things. Since Lex is now a sub character, all the time wasted with him in Returns could be used for more Super action.

I agree about the kid that was just silly. Lois wasnt that bad shes always been annoying lol.

I think Routh did well he had the tone difference between Clark and Superman down quite well,the ghey propoganda before the movie came out didnt help the guy out much and like many others i'd have liked to see the Smallville guy play the part.

You guys are spot on about the plot and island thing being outdated though. Still think its a good movie but I can see why people didnt.

Anything involving a human bad guy would suck after (A) Superman 2 and the epic fights against Zod and the other 2, and (B) more recently, the two Spider-Man movies where he fought powered-up types.

Unless the Human Villain was...DOCTOR DOOM!

Doom vs. Superman would be an awfully short movie, man, and it wouldn't be a happy one for the big blue boy scout :-P

or it could be short because superman accidentally flew through doom at light speed and liquefied him

Of course Doom would have had a kryptonite belt, and were Superman so foolish as to try that tactic, he'd lose his invulnerability immediately before impact and join Doom in the puddle of splat on the floor :-P

Doom vs. Superman = A super-strong, super-fast, solar-powered Doom kicking Reed Richards in the nuts.

Lol Dr Doom is the geek ground thread killer.

They could extend a 4 movie with the 4th being world's finest...the whole series would revolve around certain super villians( General Zod, Doomsday etc ) trying to destroy him under the command of one supervillian( DARKSEID )...the last movie world's finest...would include the combine forces of Batman( Christian Bale in Dark Knight Returns battle armor ), Wonder Woman( Jessica Biel??? ), Lex Luthor( Kevin Spacey ) and Superman against Darkseid( CGI ) and his minions.

Shee-it, just do an Infinity Gauntlet movie in the mode of the LOTR trilogy ie. Capt. America as the Aragorn of the movie, etc...

The good of Superman Returns:

  • Lois, while silly, was at least prettier than the FUGLY, crazy Margot Kidder.

  • I think Brandon Routh was good as Clark and so-so as Superman

  • The bullet bouncing harmlessly off Superman's eye. Badass!

The BAD:

  • Kevin Sapcey's Luthor was, admittedly, not as campy and retarded as Gene Hackman's, but was still too silly. The DCAU shows us that Luthor should be a bad-ass corporate exec and technological genius who has all of metropolis in his pocket: NOT some pathetic crank with idiot henchmen, an irritating girlfriend, and pommeranians that eat each other.

(What's truly disappointing about the above is that Kevin Spacey absolutely IS qualified to pull off the bad assed Luthor I described.)

  • No fucking ACTION!!!!!

  • Superbastard. God I hate that fucking kid! What a retarded gimmick!

  • Luthor's evil real estate plan. Yeah, sign me up to buy a house on some fucking cold, dreary crystal island! Good luck growing or building anything there...lol!

  • The drama and tensions urrounding Lois sending a fucking FAX!

The superkid was definitely a fuck up. The bullet to the eye was my favorite scene.

why did it suck?

because nothing fucking happened

I was watching that entire film waiting for superman to do something super or lex come up with a gloriously evil plan and before I knew it the credits rolled