Why did the doc stop it?

Weidman kept telling them he was good.

Because they're cunts.

bemsqua - Weidman kept telling them he was good.

Weidman was acting like he was dying... 

To be fair they don't always and certainly shouldn't go off of whether or not a guy says he's good, they probably saw concussion symptoms. I mean Weidman was clearly hurt.

Nah Weidman acted dazed. He was getting lit up and it was a matter of time. He milked it and influenced the doctors.

Not saying it is right or wrong, but I have seen doctors let a lot worse go on. He may have been dazed, but he seemed okay after the five minutes.

I thought he said he didn't know if he could continue at one point. When the lady doc had him stand she said he didn't know if he could. 


Karma for milking it imho. 

He told docs he couldn't keep fighting when he thought it was illegal you could hear him say it. He thought he'd get the Dq win but fucked himself 

I saw him nod a few "no"s. I don't know what he was saying no to though. And he did hesitate once when they asked him something.

What we need here is the fucking audio.

Weidman fucked himself trying to play up the illegal knee to get time to rest and it ended up working against him when it was determined a legal knee. If he would have played it straight from the beginning he probably wouldn't have an issue and could have fought on.