Why Did the Trump MAGA movement FAIL?

I knew this was you before opening it. You suck

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What you went by is squat & you are shit, Tyson2021.

You belong in a rat tunnel with InfoWars blaring into your idiot-brain until 2033.


Here’s this hoople head fag again…Must have just returned from his day job of eating every resident of Florida’s jizz out of his wife’s battered pussy…

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Think it failed all you want. It’s about to pop back up again!

Donald Trump Halloween GIF by Squirrel Monkey


It didn’t fail. It was defeated by the combined efforts of COVID/Democrats and their mail-ins, never Trumper Republicans, entrenched government employees who leaked and lied, the msm, and social media. I got to hand it to those retards - they completely unified and out played the Republicans.

And they all chose that winner Biden.


Do you actually believe that most people preferred Trump or Clinton over anyone else? Or Trump or Biden? Of course anyone with more than 2 brain cells wants the best man or woman for the job. You’re starting to sound like a mentally handicapped narcissist.

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Because Trump is an imbecile.


He’s definitely mentally challenged…

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That’s the “one of you bitches is gonna suck my dick” dance


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fyi, that is not an emoji. it is a meme.

^yet was it not an appropriate reply?

Yet your kind jerk off to the “Star Trek” utopia of the future… which happens to hate small government. Keep up your name calling and propaganda, though!

wE jUsT stUPiD mAGa tARdS



i think the expectation was to go for something more like this.

Trump wasn’t divisive, the main stream media was.

Sounds like The Rock was watching the wrong channels… you too apperantly m.


Wait wait wait… are you saying “orange man not so bad”?

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Orange man was actually pretty good.

Too bad the masses are asses.

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