Why Did the Trump MAGA movement FAIL?

Much better. Stick with those kind of posts, so that you only mildly show if your reduced intelligence and mental handicaps.

The economy has been a train wreck leaping from one crisis to another since Clinton and Greenspan.

It got weaker under Bush. Weaker still under Obama. Continued to get weaker under Trump and now under Biden.

Since 2009, the US economy has had growing deficit and debt, growing trade deficits, interest rates near zero, perpetual emergency QE, growing household debt, falling workforce participation rates, etc.

He was as bad as any POTUS for weakening the dollar and increasing the debt which are at the root of the weak US economy.

I wanted Trump to win, but the economy was not strong under him or any other POTUS in a long time. And it’s beyond the point of no return now.




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Trump was the first candidate in my lifetime to win that was not anointed by the establishment. I never liked him personally and he was his own worst enemy in a lot of ways…but it was very clear the powers that be didn’t intend for him to win and did everything in their power to destroy him when he did. To me, the line is the sand is not Democrat vs Republican. It is the globalist establishment vs the people. When this establishment is clearly fearful of a particular candidate like they were with Trump, that’s who I support. I voted for Tulsi in the Dem primary for the same reason. Despite their policies I disagree with, at the end of the day they at least consider themselves Americans… in the true sense of the word. That to me is what the ‘MAGA’ movement was about and I don’t think that sentiment is completely gone so I wouldn’t say it has failed just yet.


I will make a actually serious attempt to answer since not many have:

He was great with 30% of the population and aot of his ideas resonate with many. His delivery of his message, the endless tweets and trolling the left as well as other things did him far more harm then good. Heanaged to become the AOC of the right no matter what he He did or said people would have a extreme dislike for thim. In the end he looked childish often and petty and that is not something g the middle wanted and broke with the left.

Had Trump attempted to be more of a president to all or tone down his personality he would still be in the white house. In the end he was his own worst enemy, not voting machines or shit like that. He never learned finesse and about being a politician even though it is required for the job. The middle center left and some right do not like the my pillow guy and Rudy all the time. Stay out of the news a little, don’t send 45 tweets a day, don’t shit on John McCain just shit up and govern. His ideas did not fail it was the messenger.


The Republican establishment got squarely behind him the moment it was clear he was going to be their candidate, and they purged dissent from their party.

Sometimes I don’t think you guys understand what “establishment” means.

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Did your mom let you back on the internet. Don’t you ever get tired of being a dumb troll


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Biden is a Democrat, not a Republican

It didn’t fail, it was cut short due to criminal actions of his enemies. If you don’t know the election was stolen, you’re either an idiot or an asshole. If he runs and the election is legitimate in 2024, Trump will get 90% of the vote at least. The Dems are criminals and animals. They count on mindless sheep to do their bidding.


the mental gymnastic of trumptards are a never ending source of entertainment


Same for the tds sufferers. He’s been out of office for months now and they still dedicate a daily thread to him. I’m not sure they can be fixed.

because, obviously, there is going to be a hilarious parade of geniuses insisting that losing doesn’t equate to failure.

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Because most things that begin in trailer parks fail.

Like the people who live in them.


Clearly you lack any objectivity or logic if you don’t see there was a concerted effort on behalf of the MSM, Big Tech, Democrats and even some Republicans to ensure MAGA failed.

I’m guessing you only watch CNN so you still think Jan 6 was an insurrection despite the only shot fired being from the cops, that there isn’t a border crisis (which is escalating COVID) and that Biden didn’t abandon 10’s of thousands of US citizens in Afghanistan.

If this was going on while Trump was POTUS you’d be getting 24/7 coverage of these topics. It’s disgusting that the Taliban still has a Twitter and FB page but our former POTUS doesn’t. Open your eyes and take a look at what’s going on, the liberals are destroying this country, pushing for socialism and communism and you all want to believe things are just fine.


‘Member “not my President”?

I ‘member…

This dude is a real caricature of everyone’s simple-minded uncle ranting on Facebook after he pounds some cheap beer.

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PumpkinSpiceLazarus Give Biden a chance. Its not like he has 40 years in the government.