Why did they censor this in the mash movie?

Never knew why they were actually saying until I found a screenplay online. Even the uncensored version of the movie covers most of the conversation with fake Japanese speech.

"63 INT. ARMY CAR - DAY There is silence between Sergeant Gorman and his passengers as the military hospital comes into view. But something else comes into view in the distance at the same time: the unmistakable contours of a golf course.


HAWKEYE Beautiful. What do you think? Should we stop and play nine holes now and operate on the kid later? If he's still alive.

GORMAN Goddam Army.

TRAPPER I think we ought to operate first, no frills, get through it on the double. Then we'll be nice and relaxed on the course.

HAWKEYE Good thinking.

GORMAN Goddam, goddam Army."

Has to be the oddest thing to cut out of a movie.