Why did you make a UG account?

I wanted to call warzone209 a faggot Phone Post 3.0

It was a court order for therapeutic purposes only. And I'm grateful for it so many other's here suffering from the same chronic disorder that has held us down for years. Yes that's right I'm talking about BBCSD Phone Post 3.0

To keep track of the threads with hot chicks. Phone Post 3.0

I was recruited. Phone Post 3.0

To post on the OG of course Phone Post 3.0

Heard rogan talkin bout it mid 2000s. This my 3rd I'd. Keep getting banned:( Phone Post 3.0

I think I made my account so I could talk to enson and relson when both had their own forums. Phone Post 3.0

Bec Rawlings Phone Post 3.0

Came across the app, then stumbled on you degenerates. Phone Post 3.0

Crooklyn made me. Phone Post 3.0

To create waves. To be worshiped. Which has happened. Remember not this name, but my other name Hammers Hamil. Still unsure what I'm talking about? Google me.

From reddit. Saw some interesting threads I think a crazy shoni carter one was bumped at the time. Started lurking. Everyone says this place has gone downhill since 2010/2006 etc well ive only been here since around 2013 and even since then things have slipped badly Phone Post 3.0

The amount I was lurking got a bit out of hand.. and the anger kept boiling up inside me whenever I saw a stupid post. Had to man up and make an account, begin my crackdown on the retards and talk to all u other goofs Phone Post 3.0

commonsense517 - Bec Rawlings Phone Post 3.0


Lurked forever to learn all I could about mma

Joined to troll Phone Post 3.0

Got tired of Sherdog. Now this place is far worse then Sherdog ever was. Constant crying about everything. But as a whole, even the so called toughest athletes in the world are the biggest babies I have ever seen on a professional level! I'm actually in the process of deleting all MMA from my smart devise. It's a joke and I no longer have the time to give any attention to this once glorious sport. Phone Post 3.0

Because I wanted to give my useless opinions on mma to anonymous people I don't care about.

Except for 2Jupiters2Many. That guy is fresh.

Rogan mentioned on a UFC broadcast that the UG was like crack... I came for crack and havent left.

Dont remember what event it was, but it was right before my join date

Cause Sherdog sucks Phone Post 3.0

Because I lurked for years and finally gave in. Only to find out your join date actually means something.... Phone Post 3.0