Why Did You Start Training?

I started training because of A bar room brawl me and my brother got into 2 years ago.

Neither one of us are trouble makers, especially him, the guys a doctor for christs sake. Anyway heres what happened that night as seen through my eyes.

I was about 20 feet away from my brother talking to some chick when I look up to see 4 or 5 guys around my brother who is 5'10" 170 lbs. soaking wet, and they are just starting to rough him up a bit. Without even thinking about it I ran over there got in front of one of the guys threw a couple of lefts (im right handed, had my pint glass in my right hand) and my feet came out from under me, I dont know if I got hit or I slipped or what, but FEAR came over me in waves, a real fear, I came back to my feet as fast as I could and threw what every idiot who does not train throws, a wild looping right hook but I still had my pint glass in hand.

It actually connected perfectly. The glass shatters, and whats strange is I have no idea what happened right after that (is this normal in a fight) but my next recollection is the guy I hit is on the other side of the bar busted open, and his buddys are gone too.

I thought my brother wwas standing next to me throwing down, but he was curled up in a ball, protecting himself, he had been knocked down as well.
I was kicked out of the bar which was fine, I had to get stitches anyway. My brother sewed me up.

The next day I realized that if any of those guys trained I would have had my ass handed to me with ease. So I started training.


I seen bloodsport, it progressed from there.

i did karate for years and got pretty good - or so i thought ... then i was watching dan severn in the wwf and saw him bullrush a guy, and take him down, thought to myself a sidekick wouldn't stop that ... a few months later saw some guys doing takedown defense and asked if i could join in.

turns out it was Kiriks gym in amherst.

"I did it to lose weight, went from 270lbs to 210lbs. I was told if I used to gi I would lose weight faster and Ive been doing it since."

me too, I started at 235lbs, and am at 165lbs now, the Gi helps a ton for losing weight.

to be feared by women and adored by men....


I mean well....you know what I mean!

I wanted to learn Jiu-jitsu after seeing Royce in the UFC.

Took the brunt of the damage when I fought 3 guys in a denny's...including a glass to the head. Decided my wrestling wasn't cutting it...found a jujutsu/sambo place next to my university...

I was 14 and came to the conclusion that track & soccer were stupid.

That was some 26 years ago.

I saw Frank vs Enson..

2 simple words.... royce gracie! after watching royce in the old ufc i started training jiu jitsu. (this was many many yrs ago) i must say i am proud i was in long before mma is a fad and everyone now is supposedly a fighter

I've always enjoyed exercise and have been caught by all fitness trends, jogging, aerobics, triathons and now combat sports. Sometimes i think i'm fashion victim but the thing is i really have enjoyed everything i've been envolved in. That said i've never felt as fit as i do now after training for about 3 and half years and i am forty years old. I wish i had found combat sports years ago. Best thing is my 5 year old loves watching k1, mma, etc,and his jujitsu lessons. I know he his only 5, i encourage only don't push.

Train!? Why do that when I am bald with tat's and wear tapout gear? I LOOK plenty tuf

I'm in Law Enforcement, started training so I don't ever get my ass handed to me by some low life criminal.

Simple, wanted to keep wrestling. This was the natural progression.
And seeing severn bodyslam some skinny tkd kid twice was cool

Pretty much all the men in my family trained. So every family gathering was stories about training in the old country, wars and street fights. I grew up with a much different view of TMA than most people get who were exposed only to strip mall karate.

My Dad and Grandpa encouraged me to start boxing and kickboxing to get more sparring experience. I tried various TMA but they never felt right and boxing felt like the grapling was missing. MMA just felt like home.

It probably sounds weird that I basically went to MMA to find a TMA that felt like what I was used to.

I started because I liked to make the larger wrestlers with no BJJ skills tap. Plus it's just fun. Wish I still had time to train.

I wrestled in HS and college, then ran a TKD school, then started training BJJ. Natural progression of being involved in combat sports I guess.

I was 18, walking home from the bar with a buddy, drunk of course. Two van loads of people pull up and jump out and start in on us. My buddy got sucker punched and dropped and I freaked out. They decided to leave all though the bitch in one of the vans was yelling for them to kick my ass. The incident freaked me out badly enough that I started to get scared going out of my apartment so I started training. I'd loved martial arts since I was a kid watching Bruce Lee movies with my dad. I've never looked back.

was 39 and needed something new to do...