why didnt hendo call out jon jones last night?

Ryan Cox - Jon Jones deserves the credit he's getting, but Dan Henderson is capable of getting inside and forcing Jones to get in a brawl. And if you don't think Hendo's capable of hurting anybody in the world if he connects than maybe we do need to see him vs. Bones.

 If Hendo were to get inside on Jones, Bones would slam him through the canvas and then pound away at him. Look, Hendo has never been a good MMA wrestler. Sure, he was about to slam Fedor last night before Fedor cheated, but Fedor has terrible grappling/wrestling. Bones is a whole other level.

Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples - 
ortman166 - 
Ice Cubes on Kiriks Nipples - he just beat Fedor which was awesome but Bones is on a whole nother level


Dunno what the laugh was but Bones is better at ever single facet of MMA and would stop Fedor pretty easily at LHW or HW.

It is a different era man let it go

Wow jones beats a injured shogun and all of a sudden he'd take out the goat and the best american mmaers ever easily? personally i think Hendo would be a nightmare for jones, one right hand lands that guy goes night night.

Because he beat a hw last night Phone Post

 i would love to see last nights dan fight jones, and if you think it would be a walk in the park for jones ur delusional.... im not saying dan would win but it wouldnt be impossible.

TITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - it would be a brisk walk.

 lol nice

“I think that could be interesting going forward, a unification fight with the winner of that contest would be a good match,” Dan Henderson told Telegraph Sport from his home tonight.
“I’m the Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, I’ve beaten Fedor, and I’m unemployed, so we’ll have to see what the talks are now after I’ve had a few weeks off. It’s not a bad position to be in though.”
“I’m not really looking to go back to middleweight (vs. Anderson Silva). I’m happy at light-heavyweight. It’s where I feel most comfortable." Phone Post

He should have said that post fight IMO Phone Post

 Dan is a handfull for anyone.  Jones would be a tough fight, but Dan isnt afraid of anyone.  If he can land, he can put anyone out  IMO, he is one of the top 5 greatest fighters in history.

Jones is an incredible fighter, but let him defend the belt a couple times before we start talking about him destroying Hendo or Hendo being scared of him, lol. 

Jones scrawny ass cant handle an H-Bomb to the face!! Phone Post