Why didn't they INTERVIEW Rampage?

I think they really dropped the ball by not interviewing Rampage. The guy has a great personality that would catch on with a lot of american fans. Instead of playing the same graphic on the screen about the next card 10 times, why not interview Rampage?

Why didn't someone make a thread about this before?

I didn't see it if they did.

It was even worse that they didn't even have studio shots of CroCop to show in the UFC 67 promo video.

lol just messing with you, dude.

They could have gotten to know him sooner if they would have interviewed him on the ppv last night. Last night was projected to be their most watched ppv of all time.  What better time is there?

i agree. the ufc needs to lighten up on the "dont mention pride" thing.. some interviews with herring, quinton, cro cop.. would have been cool to see

Good question.

He's not "well spoken."

Same question I had....and where was CroCop? I agree with BLAF...they
should have brought all three of them in and introduced them properly.

No Jackson interview and they couldn't even find a pic of Filipovic. UFC needs to invest in a digital camera next year.

Just showing him on the big screen, and only a few recent highlights made him seem kinda human. and noTHING about Crocop except Joe Rogan's descriptions? I love Rogan, no doubt, but the man is no James Irving. I'm sure the casual fan could have used a picture or clip of Crocop to get excited about him fighting.

They arent desperate for promotion. The UFC has shows on every week. Fight cards every month. Countdown shows for major events. They'll get to it.

I'm glad they kept the fights rolling and didnt break it up with any fucking movie trailers or endless interviews with people in the crowd, including Rampage. Save that shit for Spike, not my ppv dollar.

I agree...

They had Vanderlei Silva up there before to hype up a fight between him and Chuck and that was a long shot to happen. Rampage is now in UFC and a fight between Liddle and Rampage is very much likely to happen.

I'd rather watch a Rampage interview than have to sit through another Leben fight.