Why Do Country People Pretend to be Poor?

There a difference between pretending to be poor, and not being ostentatious.

Having money and material wealth isn’t a universally positive trait in rural areas. How you act and what you do with your wealth tends to matter more to people.

Not funny story…my uncle started a business and has done very well for himself. His children all work for him and are very highly paid for what most would consider to be fairly simple jobs. My nephew showed up to a family event at my Grandmother’s house driving a huge, lifted brand new 4X4 with all the various add on custom stuff. He’s 19 and it’s probably $75k worth of truck.

Grandma looks at me, rolls her eyes, and says “that boy won’t work hard enough in his life to deserve that truck, let alone before he’s 20”

no they are NOT modest. They are BRAGGING. Tell them you had a hard day or mention some hardship and they will TOP it!

Realise this is a troll but there’s a whole book on it, Black Rednecks

You make me laugh more than anyone else on here. Although I enjoy country and some rap. I dig your type of music as well. Do you ever stress cheddar man? Share more of your wisdom with us.

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we need to make a CLEAR DISTINCTION here. I’m not talking about the Easy Going Salt-of-the-Earth Good Country Folk living the Hunting/Fishing Life, that’s NOT poverty, that’s GOOD LIVING.