why do fans still cheer for style?

There a lot of ppl who still root for fighters just b/c of thier style. Like who cares if the guys is a bjj guy or judo or wrestler etc...I root for a good fight and I do have some fighters i like b/c of ET value but i dont really care about who wins as long as i enjoy the match.

because you would look pretty stupid cherring for a stiker having taken 3 months of portugese, thrown out all of you normal t-shirts and replacing them with shirts with the brazilian flag, and payed the subscription price for numerous barazilian hottie sights........

when bjj rubes do it up they go all the way.....

I see your point. Like in my old bjj club most of the guys would root for the bjj based fighters in every fight regardless of any other factors. It's like a cult.

I guess they think that somehow if a guy like Terrell or Lutter win a fight (because their base is bjj) that somehow that translates to them being a bigger badass because they study the same system.

In so many cases the guys wouldn't even look at the matchup, all they needed to know is that one guy represented a GJJ club or was from Brasil so they were just gonna win.

Vitor was gonna sub Randy and Nogi was gonna sub Fedor. Well those matchups looked close on paper so maybe not the best examples but one guy was trying to tell me Bencic was gonna "school" Overeem and he'd never seen Bencic fight (neither had I to be fair) just because he was "bjj". Sight unseen, he's gonna "school" a seasoned pro?

So I guess the answer is that fans cheer for their own style even though there aren't really any pros left who haven't crossed the "style" boundaries. I have an in-law who mentions Chuck every other sentence because he trains kenpo so he sees Chuck as the kenpo success story (and man does he hate it when I bring up Jeremy Horn and/or Rampage).

"BJJ has all of it."

OK, That is why the Brazillian Top Team brought in Gohlar to train them in wrestling takedown and defense.

I hate style discussions. Just let it go!

i would say being a tough motherfucker and a good athlete is the base of mma.

" Take yoshida for an example of style is dead"

He hasn't done that bad. The only fights he's lost are to Silva (like everybody else; except unlike everybody else, he wasn't finished) and Royce -- and not only did he technically not even lose that fight, but it's not like Royce is an example of the "complete" MMArtist, he's just a superior ground fighter.


Because it will ALWAYS interest me. However, I prefer the team aspect now - Which mix of skills/instructors/techniques work the best.

It's what interested me when I first picked up on MMA, and it will always interest me.

the potential lost marketing from not exploiting this aspect of MMA is criminal. The common fan will ALWAYS want to see a Kung fu and Karate guy throwdown. Deal with it.

Because it is fun to cheer for your style. Like when renato fought Hughes. I liked them both and Hughes is a wrestler. you like who you like you cheer for who you like and you cheer also to support your style. Get it? Got it? Good

I train BJJ 75%, but always go for Matt Hughes, even more so against BJJ guys I don't have any particular loyalty too - Hallman, Penn, Verrissimo. It's because I train like them, it sort of excites me to see someone dominate them so bad. Strange aye.

"the potential lost marketing from not exploiting this aspect of MMA is criminal."

Good point.

" It's because I train like them, it sort of excites me to see someone dominate them so bad."


Anek: I know man, don't ask me. It's like I'm a masochist... Nah it's not really, it's just I like all sorts of different fighters, especially when they can enforce their style on an opponnent. such as Matt.

You're talking one style of martial art vs another, Im well aware that time is passed and agree 100%. I like it because we don't need to see those guys beaten down anymore. However, what works, what to train are still valid questions.

Lastly, OMA... What do you think of Pride then? They're entire cards are basically sold on a racial/MA style storyline.

Your Father,
I like your post.

I've trained BJJ and Muay Thai for a long time (around 13 years combined) and there's actually an ethical reason why I root for a lot of BJJ guys.

I wish I could remember who it was. A famous, highly skilled Brasilian BJJ fighter was being interviewed during the cable fallout and all the stuff that was putting UFC in the dirt.

The interviewer asked, isn't the audience feeling bloodlust and just waiting to see someone pummeled, destroyed, killed and so on.

He said "I watch these events to see violence distinguished by technique."

I am in full agreeance.

actually i totally screwed the quote up now that i read it again lol.. should be "I watch these events to see violence extinguished by technique."

"It's all circular, and the tactics, and techniques used in MMA are, in reality, quite limited outside of the BJJ philosophy. "

  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go again...

Lets all be happy for Our Bitch now that he's got some freshman ears to preach and try and convert.

I don't much like the style vs. style thing either. I really admire Frank Shamrock, who was primarily a grappler. Jens Pulver is a badass, and he is based in wrestling. Lastly, I enjoy crocop who is an excellent striker. It's all about the figher, not the style.

I kind of agree with the evolution thing. The only thing I see changing much is maybe the striking becoming a bit more technical.

I hear far too many people thinking of striking as mindless flailing or something a monkey could learn. (I'm not saying this never works.) However, I think it is hard, if not harder than wrestling or grappling, to become a technical striker and use it effectively in the ring. Crocop, Silva, and Bas all come to mind here.

I'm not saying grappling/wrestling is easy, but striking, imo, is hell to learn.