Why do I dislike the Raiders?

As many know the rivalry between Raider and Charger fans is by far one of, if not the most intense in football. You would think that both being California teams we could learn to support one another.. but that couldn't be farther from reality. If you have been to a game @ the Q (jack murphy) than you know of what the hell I speak.. as it is near a full scale riot at times.. people have been hospitilized on both sides, Charger fans have been stabbed, jumped had bottles thrown at them and likewise in retallition Raider fans have been viciously attacked as well.

The Raiders as a team I want to see lose for a variety of reasons but in actuality my quest to see them get demolished by every team in NFL isn't really fueled by the team players itself. With the new addition of Randy Moss I have one more reason to valiantly root against the nation besides them having a history of being dirty players.

If you are from California you have probably seen it.. gangsters and low lifes of all races wearing the silver and black. A large population of the nation aren't really too interested in football or even seeing the Raiders win games, it's the gangster style and colors that attract large numbers of Southern California's real and wannabee thugs to be apart of the raider nation.

Last year sitting in traffic amongst Dub C look alikes the new slogan had changed I had seen.. previously "A commitment to excellnce" or something similair had changed to PERMANANT decals that read "fuck the game win the fight", as Raider fans stuck thier heads out the window with skeleton masks on trying to intimidate everyone throwing up @ #1 with thier hands.. I could not take it.. I yelled out the window at the guys "is that #1 for how many games you guys won this season?".. pretty hillarious and perfectly timed, it took some of the steam out of thier pregame celebration for sure.

A friend of mine who donates time to disabled veterans was @ the game last year sitting with a veteran who was paralyzed in the war..a group of Raider fans walk by and said "a raider fan must have put him in that wheelchair last year". Be proud Nation.

I have many Raider fan friends.. some real football raider fans who have been fans thier whole life and some that pretty much just like wearing the jersey because it's gangsta. I know real raider fans who are respectfully competitive and are embarassed by the actions of the nation and rightfully so, because the know a HUGE percentage of the nation are ghettofied idiots. Now, SD has no shortage of cholo charger fans and they start shit also, but alot of it is in retalliation for the Raiders thinking they can come and take over our stadium.. but the fact remains our fans are predominatly classy individuals who love football and love thier team.. most of the time it is 50% Nation and 50% Bolts, But things are changing dammit.. last year there were MORE Charger fans than Raider fans.

I am honest both of our teams do not have spectacular dynasty's lol, but the FRIENDLY yet INTENSE rivalry is damn fun... and I share that with some of the cooler Raider fans on this site including endochokedme, corenobody and urbloodonmyfist whom which I have a wager with. (accepting any other wagers at this time btw)

Just a little perspective for anyone who might wonder why the Raiders are so disliked from fans all over the world.. everything I said is 100% correct.

Have a good one

Greetings SD Fan!(SD Cartel)

"I am honest both of our teams do not have spectacular dynasty's lol"

The Team for All Decades

The Oakland Raiders began play in 1960 as part of the American Football League (AFL). After a sluggish start to the franchise, and the emergence of Al Davis in 1963, the Raiders became the most dominant team during the 10 years of AFL existence. The NFL and AFL officially merged in 1970 allowing the Raiders to expand the horizons of competition and dominance. After 43 years of play, the Raiders have a .500 or better record against 28 of 31 teams in the National Football League.

Not to mention between '74-'83 Oakland won at least 10 games every year.They are the only team to have done that in a 10 year stretch.

Division champs in '70,'80,'90,and'00.only team to do that.btw

3 superbowls in an 8 year span might not qualify as a dynasty though.

OAK-SD rivalry is nowhere as intense as OAK-KC or even close to OAK-and the hated broncos.

I have always looked at SD as the "lovable losers" in the division(last year notwithstanding)

I will always root for them when they are playing KC/denver.To be honest,I am not one of the gangbangers,nor am I the type of jackass that would throw bags of urine,or batteries onto the field or in the stands.That kind of thing is foolish and the d***head who chunks such things should have his ass beat on the spot for general purposes.

"a raider fan must have put him in that wheelchair last year".

Not all of the Nation is proud of that.I assure you.

" it's the gangster style and colors that attract large numbers of Southern California's real and wannabee thugs to be apart of the raider nation."

When gangstar rap exploded on the scene in the early '80's who could they have looked up to to inspire such power and strength?The San Fran Booty Miners? I highly doubt it.

I can agree with you about the thug types that just wear awesome Raider stuff just to look cool in front of their mindless buddies.That is the kind of Silver and Black eye we don't need.

Now that Oakland has lost a step these last couple years(just hills and valleys)and the Bolts have gotten it together pretty well this last year,I look forward to 2 competitive games this season from our clubs.I am sure the best team will win...even if the Raiders have to resort to dirty tactics.:)

Long time Raider fan!!!

fuck the Raiders

and Chargers

Sd Cartel is correct.

"I have always looked at SD as the "lovable losers" in the division(last year notwithstanding)"

See, I told you. I fucking hate that shit though.

Hello tired of lurking,

"OAK-SD rivalry is nowhere as intense as OAK-KC or even close to OAK-and the hated broncos."

I think You are wrong about this but we can agree to disagree on that, and although there is no sure fire way to ever find out the truth.. visit the NFL chatboards and just look around.. you will see that between fans there is more hostility between these fans than any other combo..

I know about the snowball incidents in Denver.. pretty damn bad.. I know about the battery throwing incidents.. but man.. fans have been stabbed beaten and hospitilized during, after and not even on the day of the games over wearing Jerseys, lol! full scale stuff.. there are police everywhere now at the games.. on the roofs, medal detectors, you name it. Just out of curiosity have you been to a raider vs charger game in san diego? Places like Denver where that is the only one team.. it's ALOT different when the stands are 50-50 nd many there are thugs.

"The San Fran Booty Miners? I highly doubt it."


Reiteritating on what I said.. I know I may have stereotyped a little too much in my post.. but growing up in SoCal I have seen so much of it.. someone had asked me why I dislike the Raiders.. so I just wrote truthfully what came to my mind in my initial post.. & it's more the LA raider fans.. not at all so much the Oakland ones who seem to fit the bill.

All in all, I am having a little fun and trying to get some hype going.. even though it's a while before we go at it..


"See, I told you. I fucking hate that shit though."

dammit it's true! but that is over lol

while I agree the rivalry between the Chargers and the Raiders is heated, it isn't quite to Denver/Oakland status yet. There have been stabbings and beatings at Bronco games. Hell last year after the Raiders beat us here there was some shit going on. Lincoln Kennedy coming UP INTO THE STANDS ala Ron Artest, the Mike Pritchard/James Trapp fight on national tv, snowballs, etc. You can bet that there are a shit load of problems at every game.

Now, do I believe there are more "fights" with Denver fans and Oakland fans the Charger and Oakland, no. Simply because there is no way Denver fans would let the stadium be 50% filled with Raider fans. I think both rivalries are heated, but Denver/Oakland has more of a history than SD and Oakland, as far as violence who knows who cares, I just know that a Raider fan at a Bronco game is taking a serious risk, not as much in the new stadium as the old (AFC West team fans know about the old Mile High) but still, we hate each other.

Why do I hate the Raiders, there isn't enough space on this web site to fully express my hate for that fucking team and its ignorant fans.


lol @ 303.. what I don't get any props for my ramble?

That picture is obviously a fake.

Why would LT express feeling that way when he has done so well against the Nation?

Marty S. must have put him up to it.

And btw SD Cartel,no I have not been to an OAK/SD game.
I am on the other side of the country in what Homer Simpson calls "America's wang".

That is Florida to the slow denver fans.;)

I got some SD fans who will piss themselves when they see that pic though.

wasap TOL! lol

"Why would LT express feeling that way when he has done so well against the Nation?"

I am sure for him it's all in good fun.. but man.. I am telling you the rivalry is wicked..the players take the games vs the raiders very seriously.. not as serious as the fans though

"And btw SD Cartel,no I have not been to an OAK/SD game"

hehe..if you are ever in town for a visit around the times the teams play.. you have to go and see for yourself.. EXACTLY what I am talking about.. no exageration. I can't wait!.. care to make a wager? even if a small one.. I am good for it

I know.. I have to have 2 felonys.

Oh SD you get major props man. That is good shit right there. You wanna know about Raider Hater shirts, THEY SELL THEM AT VILLAGE INNS HERE IN COLORADO, they have done this for years. I have three. How heated does a rivalry have to be when a family restaurant sells Raider Hater shirts in their establishment. THis is no special order shit, old people, young people, etc all buy these things. Those shirts are pretty damn sweet looking though.

When asked about practicing with other teams in the preseason and fights breaking out Nick Ferguson said there would be no problems when the Broncos went to practice with the Texans. Upon being asked what would happen if they practiced with the Raiders, he said "The coaches, waterboys, trainers, players would all be getting into fights." Wish I had a digital camera to post my shirts. I'll try and get a hold of one.

We also have shirts that are sold here that say "Chiefs Suck and the Raiders Swallow." Start those in San Diego, they are a cash hog here.


Hey bro I'll try and grab you a couple shirts this year, we can trade.


"Chiefs Suck and the Raiders Swallow." Start those in San Diego, they are a cash hog here."

dude.. find one of those please.. we will trade

303.. one of my biggest denver rivals is one of my trainers.. last time I was at his house he snuck up behind me and threw a Broncos blanket on me.. I pretended I was melting

I hate the Raiders as much as anyone, its weird having a stadium that has a lotta fans for both teams, I've been to a couple Chiefs/Rams games that were like that.

Its just a given that the Chiefs & Raiders hate each other, we hate the Broncos equally, 2 winters ago I was driving to Breckenridge, about to run outta gas in Denver at about 3 a.m., stopped at a ghetto gas station and was wearing a Chiefs sweatshirt, no pay at the pump in the ghetto at 3 a.m., my friends were daring me to make the Dante Hall X-factor sign with my arms when I went in to pay for gas but I wisely chose not to, this was like a couple weeks after we won a game cuz of a Hall punt return where he juked their entire team.

I don't take it so far as to actually stab someone though, I just like NFL football.

"Why do I dislike the Raiders?"

Basically, you're jealous.

SD, you weren't melting, that was just having the feeling of having a good teams logo on your back, I know it secretly felt good.

I will start looking for one of those shirts. Usually they are not to hard to come by.