Why do I do this to myself?

Extend an olive branch to the woman after constant fighting.  Ask if she wants to split a pizza.  Says yes.  We get here she wants an app and a drink (she's buying that asks me to split app), I agree.  After we order both she asks me to pay all of it.  I explain I hadn't planned to go out tnight and that's why I asked if she wanted to split it (I pay on date nights).  She freaks out and berates me demanding I pay, saying I haven't taken her on a date in two years. I shake my head like she just doesn't get it.  Anyway now we're sitting here as she sips her wine and I write this.  She works a 12 hour on Saturday.  Thinking of peacing out then

You guys have been together for over 2 years and you still argue over who is paying for dinner? How'd you make it this long?

I applaud your frugality, it is admirable to so staunchly apply it to even a 2 year relationship. How dusty is that Bar Mitzvah money? Still have all of it?  


Dude she sounds like a horrible person.

Also I picture you copping the Greta stank eye while typing this haha

Now could you please send me a pic of her butthole, thanks 

Constant fighting? Does she have large areolas? I love large areolas.

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Thread is missing something...

Money tight? Or just cheap? 

Dude end this fucking relationship already. Everything you post about her makes it seem like you guys hate each other, making this relationship work sounds as beneficial as repeatedly hitting yourself in the balls w a sledgehammer

This relationship sounds god aweful. 

TheRoguewrestler - Constant fighting? Does she have large areolas? I love large areolas.

+1 for large areolas