Why do I get headahes???

When I play Driv3r and Star Wars Battlefront I get headaches after a while, however I can play Halo for hours and not get one. Why is this?

Is it possibly because Halo isn't as jerky as the other two games?

Or perhaps is it because there is so much more detail in the landscapes of Driv3r and SW:BF?

Does any else get headaches like this and is there anything I should do about it?

first Half-Life made me dizzy after playing for more than 10 mins, the only game that did that. Hope second one doesn't.

it's not a tummor

pretty graphics kills brain cells (yet another reason to get a PS2)


This is a common enough affliction.

You haven't fully de-sensatized your brain... I recommend a diet of 8+ hours of game playing over the next week and we'll review your condition then.

It's because Halo is this subtle thing of beauty. It just slowly works it's way into your subconscious.

Don't worry, a new one is coming out soon, and then we can all rejoice. Yay.

If your refresh rate is locked at 60hz you will get a headache. See how high your monitors refresh rate goes and set it up as high as it'll go. The minimum for headache-free gaming is usually 85hz.

The type of game might have something to do with is as well.