Why do I keep seeing footage of Marines training with riot gear?

We never had this training when I was in. I looked it up and it’s supposed to be for embassy riots. I’m thinking bullshit on that, if a country riots on an embassy they almost always come with guns.
Can any other marines or soldiers comment on this please if you have more info.
I hate to sound like “that guy”, but stuff like this makes me nervous for our future.
To me this looks like they are training them to go up against their own ppl.
If I’m wrong about this please set me straight.

I stand corrected. Apparently this is a thing for marines that’s been around awhile. Now I feel like Im one of the fear mongering dumbasses that are on here often, lol.
My bad fellas….


We had this in the early 1990s in the Marine Corps when we were training for a possible jaunt to Haiti. Step drag and push.


Ok, so I’m wrong on this one then…? I knew marines who did embassy duty and I don’t remember any of them ever talking about training like this.
But I was air wing, so I wasn’t around stuff like this so I could very well be talking out of my ass.

Infantry battalions did it.

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And for your viewing pleasure.


Ok @Fast_Pitch, so I’m wrong on this one then?

I mean, we practiced it for riot control in foreign countries back then. That’s all I know.

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Ok, thanks for the input.
Can anyone else weigh in on this?

3/6 Lima here. We never did any riot training in the late 90’s. But we were a boat company.

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Riot control was pretty standard stuff for MEUs. Infantry, artillery battalions and PMO/MPs had this as part of their mission essential task list. It’s necessary not only for embassy stuff but for Non-combatant Evacuation Ops and Humanitarian Assistance Ops.

Source: me, former Infantry Officer, Battalion OpsO and XO.

3/6 Weapons here and we practiced it a few times while on air alert between 1991 and 1994.

Fuck no.

You saw something that you didn’t understand or have experience with. Instead of spazzing, you asked about it. Once it was confirmed as routine by several folks, you accepted their answers.

IMO, I would hope that the majority of people behave this way instead of going on their own uninformed opinions of shit. There’s not a thing for you to be embarrassed about.