Why do juice heads try so hard to seem natural?

I used to train with a couple, and I know a couple of them from a regular gym near me. They have worked hard to look as unnatural as possible, but they cry like sissies any time anyone mentions steroids.


I dont care about steroids. I think men should be free to take them.

But you being on the juice doesnt mean that I have to play dumb and you have to be a pathological liar! Lmao!

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I know a personal trainer who is juiced to the gills. He sells heis clients that they can look like him too by working hard and eating healthy. But the fag leaves out the most important ingredient! The juice!

To me that is some fucking unethical shit. Gaining stupid peoples trust and conning them into giving you money for a unattainable dream :joy:

I got some vitamin S for you

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Lip filler and fake tits for dudes. Go ahead and do it but you’re not really fooling anyone that you’re natty.

They know they are “cheating” and don’t want people to know.

I was talking to a personal trainer in the gym last year. He brought up that he was using steroids. Took me off guard as I’m so used to people denying it.

I get this one for sports and such. It makes sense. Especially in combat sports.

But if you’re the local juicehead at the YMCA and you dont do shit else besides hang at the gym all day, then who cares? Lol

Good for him! I’m not against steroids. I’m not even against “cheating”. I cheated in a fight once. It was fun to cheat lol.

I just dont like that I’m expected to play dumb or feed into someone’s pathological lying.

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