why do mainstream sponsors stay away?

UFN 15 Mac Danzig In one fight he had Warrior Wear, Hybussa, and Cagefighter.

So you are the consumer and he is the advertisement you are watching. You decide you want to get the gear he is wearing. Where do you go? Warrior Wear? Hybussa? CageFighter?

Notice in real marketing:

Coke is not where Pepsi is.

In Transformers the movie GM paid a ton of money to be the good autobots, always shinning and sweet looking. Fords were dirty and the evil autobots.

Drive down the road and look at the billboards do you see competing brands sharing the same real estate on billboards? Go into Pizza Hut and demand a Coke product. Go into the Apple store and try to buy a PC or a Zune music players.

Fighters are not big box retailers and every brand does not belong on one guy. The agents or managers that are layering these fighters with competing brands are the reason the mainstream guys are not spending real money on the fighters. Once the fight gear companies realize they are wasting there money where are the fighters going to turn for sponsors? The market melted down today and I guarantee you fewer dollars are going to be available.

Why not give the sponsors a cohesive marketing strategy? We look like amateurs and it is a waste of the sponsors hard earned money. The sponsors are competing for the same consumer so why not give them a marketing platform that works.

If by chance that 49 year old fortune 500 Marketing Director tunes in to see what the fastest growing sport in the US is, he will quickly see that the only marketing that fits his style of advertising is the UFC ads. Why? Because they wont put their brand on a "billboard" that has their competitors brand on it. So instead of giving the money to the talent and the guys that really need it (the fighters) it will go to the the people that understand marketing.

Fight gear companies, wake up they want what the fighter is wearing not the patches on top of what he is wearing!

 Who's cares?  He's getting paid by 3 instead of 1 -

And that....

Major companies might be the ones to change the current sponsorship landscape. Say I'm Coke, and I have a new caffeine drink I want to pitch to an 18-34 audience. If I don't want to be on a 'billboard' as you call it, I simply ask what the price is to have solo sponsorship. Coke is used to paying millions to other sports entities. They will not blink at $50K to sponsor one fighter if that's what they want to do.

They will lay down ground rules to the sponsorship that other (MMA) companies aren't so worried about. For years this sport has been about brotherhood, sportsmanship and a close-knit community. When mainstream sponsors come in (without those ties), they will change the game.

Rappy Gilmore -  Who's cares?  He's getting paid by 3 instead of 1 -

The fighters should care. Eventually these gear companies will get a clue. If you only worry about getting a fighter paid then the results that you deliver to the person you USED to get him paid wont be happy.

So a fighter being sponsored by 'Jesus didnt tap' and 'condom depot' isnt a good idea?

ECWCock -  

Great example they picked up the UFC then the fighters the UFC showed them. Those fighters are the top guys in the org.

What about Bud Light doing a team of fighters or sponsoring fighters in a solo fashion? They could afford to own Chuck!

tjmitch - So a fighter being sponsored by 'Jesus didnt tap' and 'condom depot' isnt a good idea?

I doubt the owners of a Jesus based clothing line like being on the same clothes as a birth control company.

I think some of the guys that have multi sponsors are fine. They should be like the MMAMAdness guys do if you want to be one of many at least be consistent and dont have competing brands.

Advertising, branding and marketing is a critical part of growing your sales and when you are using impression based advertising to millions of male 18-35 year olds that do not know who sells what and where it is very confusing. I doubt you will see Mickey's in the octagon as long as Bud is there. What is to stop the UFC from saying Tapout only? Then who will be getting paid?

 Jesus didn't pay retail price for his Condoms

JakeTyler - what exactly do I get for your 'guarantee'?

I can show measured results from the solo sponsorship approach. I can show you that no matter what the camera angle is your brand is going to be the one the consumer you want to reach sees.

Or you can try to buy the warrior wear hybussa, cagefighter fight gear!

Mad Xyientist -  Jesus didn't pay retail price for his Condoms


OriginalTUFer - Chuck had an exclusive sponsor, 300, for his fight with Tito, right?

I do not know what chuck got for that fight. His deal is different he is the fucking man and he usually get what he wants. I know when chuck fought rashad he has Sinsiter, Tapout, Cagefighter and one other.

I can tell you that I have done marketing programs for companies like First Data (they own Western Union), PayPal, and even helped launched the Honeywell line of LCD products. Never once did we spend money where our competitors did. In a lot of these cases we looked to acquire the companies that had the space we wanted (see the current Tapout model).

Commercial advertising is dying and we (MMA) have an opportunity to be the leading in content advertising medium for the male 18-35 year old segment. We can get paid or WE CAN GET PAID!

I dont understand why a sponser would even be iterested w/ advertising if 2 of his biggest rivals were at the same place.Seems queer to me.

TTT for LG Sports Marketing.


 The Pav will demand equal coverage on the other cheek, Crooklyn.

I think as long as the biggest mma org bases its promotion on guys who compare themselves to Hitler most major sponsors will be wary.

If you want mainstream sponsors you have to package your product in a way that is conducive to mainstream audiences.

The onus needs to be on the marketer/advertiser to structure their sponsorships to be exclusive within their catagory. Definately the fighter/agent should be offering this option to sponsors but it obviously must come at a higher price as it eliminates the athletes other sources of income.

I work in marketing/advertising for a major corporation and we do sponsor athletes. Exclusivity within a category is structured into the standard agreement. The current situation would not deter me from sponsoring a fighter as I know this is still a young sport and sponsors are still small and cannot afford exclusivity. This would not be the case if we were to sponsor a fighter. As stated, exclusivity is structured into our standard agreement. Unless the athlete is going to violate that, it shoudn't be a problem.

This is a young sport that appeals to young demo. As soon as it gains more mainstream acceptance the advertisers will come. Things are just getting started.

I would love to know which major corporation you are and what fighters you sponsor. I honestly have not seen many so kudos for you if you are doing that and doing it right.

The fact that the sport is young (which it is not) does not change the fact that marketing and branding are pretty established concepts.

If you think that covering your shorts with a bunch of competing brands is OK because the sport is young is just ridiculous. You wouldn't and you should not leave your brands integrity in the hands of people that do not see any value in it. If things are indeed just getting started then why not start off right.

What happens when the fight gear companies start talking about ROI. The one company that seems to be taking advantage of this market confusion is Tapout. They let the young hungry fight gear companies spend a ton of money and if any of them gain traction (Hitman) they buy them. They are likely looking at shelf space, distribution and branding. The more brands they own or distribute the more they benefit from the dollars spent by others.

The fact is some of the basic principles of advertising are not being used in this sport. The people selling placement are more about getting paid then building cohesive marketing strategies for the brands they convince to spend on their fighters.

Our results speak for themselves:

I have a LCD sponsor that used only MMA advertising and they went from $55 million in sales to over $110 million in sales. Their profits went from $400K to over $4 million during that same period. They had over 500 minutes of 1st run air time and 85% of the time they were the only brand being seen.

MTX Audio is the only company in the 12 volt industry that is up this year, MMA is all they do.

The fighters? Well they get paid when they have fights and when they do not. I have a fighter that has been sidelined for a year because of some bad match ups and a skewed record. He has been getting paid every month to train and become a better fighter. his time will come.

The other fighters/ We have a guy that went from the UFC prelims to 185 pound UFC Contender. Has been hurt several times and has had fighters get hurt and he had income and free world class training to offset that.

Jamie Varner from UFC 63 to the WEC Title

CB Dollaway from the wrestling room to the UFC

Aaron Simpson from the wrestling room to the WEC

Ryan Bader from the wrestling room to a shot at TUF8

Matthew Riddle from his apartment to the UFC

Steve Steinbeiss to the WEC

We are building the fighters of the future and giving the sponsors a real marketing plan with proven results.

This is with talent and guys with no fan following and they will be the names of the future.

Condom Depot has no competition.