Why do old timers abstain before fights, sports?

what was the rationale behind this belief? Isn't fucking a sign of virility and fitness?

 Weakens the legs.

You blow out some of your "vital" energy.

I remember listening to a Tito Ortiz interview where he said he doesn't believe it, and that he will have sex even the day before his fight. I think Chuck or some other high profile fighter said almost the same thing, which I found surprising.

I heard that Oscar De La Hoya will actually have sex in the weeks before his fight, but without orgasm. That he believes this actually increases his energy, which can then be directed towards fighting.

Fight science or a similar show did a test to see if this was true. They tested testostrone levels before and after sex. They found the levels higher after sex.

wow what i coincidence i just found out about the show manswers from the spike webpage and found some videos on youtube and this was one of the questions. apparently studies have shown that it doesn't make a difference.

bluenamer please:


Look it Up - Would abstaining for a couple weeks or so boost testosterone and make one feel more energetic also?  I'm not a fighter but I've noticed I feel better if I go three or four days without nutting.

Testosterone levels peak after 1 week of abstaining.

^ I don't know much about it technically, but I'm sure it has to do with more than testosterone.

Each person can certainly test it out... some day, before you go workout (fighting, weightlifting, basketball, jiu jitsu, whatever), blow two or three out (to make it very clear). Then go workout same day. See if you have your normal strength, energy and endurance.

In my experience it def. weakens you, and you do indeed lose some stored up energy.


according to the video having sex doesn't affect your testosterone levels apparently. news to me

LMAO seriously... I thought people on this forum were above this kind of BS. Having sex prior to competition is fine, and the idea that it hinders your athletic abilities was proven a myth at least 4 years ago if not more.