why do people complain about UFC cutting fighters?

 i dont get it? if you think the ufc sucks, that they pay peanuts, that they treat fighters like shit, that dana is a toolbox etc etc -- shouldnt you be happy for fighters that get out of contract?

ufc contracts are exclusive...by "cutting" the fighter, the ufc is allowing a low level fighter pursue fights in other orgs instead of sitting on the backburner in the crowded ufc divisions...and as we all know, even if the ufc cuts you, that doesnt mean they will never use you again...

it seems like the only reason people should be crying about fighters getting cut from the ufc is if they actually believe that the ufc is the top organization that pays the best and treats its fighters the best....

Because people love to complain...especially the anti UFC noobs who without the UFC wouldn't even know what MMA was

 OP is wrong.  The UFC contract specifically states that after a fighter gets cut, he cannot fight in other orgs without permission from the UFC and he must pay the UFC 90 percent of his purses going forward.

Read that on the UG recently, so you know it's true.

It's a business at the end of the day and if you lose too many fights or don't put bums on seats then your history.people need to stop whining about it