Why Do People Hate Fedor?

Im just curious, I come on here alot and I never really post, reading alot though. I am a avid MMA Fan and i think Fedor is a great fighter.
Why do so many people come on here and trash talk him? Is it because he is Russian and alot of people are still sour from cold war days or are most people on these boards mentally retarded and blind?

Fedor possibly the greatest fighter to ever compete and people just say he sucks its ridiculous, you might as well say Anderson is a bum and afraid to fight hendo, GSP is a scrub and should constantly rematch Penn untill he loses (which will never happen). The same people who are saying these things must be the same people at the bar who get in fights after an MMA event. Honestly these forums dont need those types, and people that post them just look retarded. Go post on UFC Undisputed 2009 forums where u belong scrubs!

lot of lesnar fans imo

You tell em!

I just think these people should be classified as PUNCH FANS. They just like the punching lol!

mostly TUF noobs and loses who train UFC

people who hate Fedor also hate themselves.

 Honestly I think it's because he is a devout Christian. There are too many punk kids who jumped on the "it's the coolest thing ever to be an internet atheist" bandwagon and look down upon anyone of faith.

Seriously though, what else could it be? It's not his great attitude or his humility that people don't like.  Even though he is the greatest fighter in MMA history, and of all people deserves to be prideful, he remains humble. It's not that he displays everything you would want to see in a fighter; confidence, heart, skill, technique, power, determintaion, humility, dominance, a practically unblemished record (sans a cut from an illegal strike). Anyone who is a fan of MMA, or of good human beings in general, couldn't possibly not admire this guy and what he has accomplished. There has to be an ulterior motive, whatever it is.

It is funny,he's a soft-spoken humble guy, doesn't shit talk, is respectful of everyone, family man, conducts his self like a true champion should, puts on exciting fights with exciting finishes,has explosive punches like few others and can sub his opponents to boot, he gets tagged and stunned at times but has the drive and toughness to keep going and win...what's not to like? He epitomizes what a champion should be, in any sport.

 This ^^^^^

0neup - people who hate Fedor also hate themselves.

I've got to think that this is the reason.

He isnt a bjj guy...

They're mostly trolls looking to stir shit up.

People don't hate Fedor....people like to hate others who make them feel inadequate...same way nerds on the OG won't rate a picture of a girl an 8 out of 10 because her hair is dyed and not natural. Sadly it seems all to common for mankind to make up for feelings of envy and inadequacy through irrational criticisms.

ToWeakToBeAfiGhter - because many idiots like him despite the fact that he ducks the best and strongest competition

Best and strongest like Lesnar? Who isn't even able to step in and defend the UFC belt until sometime in the middle of 2010?

ToWeakToBeAfiGhter - christianity sucks even more than fedor

Just jumped on the "it's the coolest thing ever to be an internet atheist" bandwagon

Because people are young and fucking stupid and have no respect for modern day greats.

People genuinely think that Fedor sits at home discussing with his management how he can duck and avoid guys like Brock Lesnar.

Fedor HAS to prove himself against a guy thats 4-1? Why doesnt Brock leave the UFC and join strikeforce to fight Fedor?

Fedor must fucking hate American fans.

Lets look at pros and cons.

Pros Cons
-only 1 loss due to illegal cut -1 loss'
-Great humanitarian -shitty managment
-Wins over champions
-Acts like a true champ
-exciting fights
-Finishes most fights!

these are what i can think of in 1 minute, so is it the 1 loss or the shitty managment? I dare people to try and add more cons to the list and not that he fights cans, cause while in pride he fought the best there was!

oh woops the cons there were 1 loss and shitty managament hehe it came out wrong!

^his religious comments are right up there with Rampage's 'stank breath' comments though...they do wear thin...so that's 2 cons against the best MMA fighter of all time.

he's different, his life style conflicts with the western "american dream" and they feel insecure because of his achievements. If he had no money and/or was no great fighter, people wouldn't be bothered and would feel contempt at most.
"just another stupid commie"