Why do people loot a KO’d opponent?

If you get slept AND you’re alone, you’re going to get your pockets ran.

I train with a guy that was known to ko a guy , take his wallet and throw it into the middle of the bar because as he put it ,”I am no thief”.

For the perpetrators of these acts, humiliating the victim is part of the victory.

Stealing his stuff, beating him when he is down and helpless and having a friend post it online so the humiliation can be shared is as important as winning.

The ancient Greeks considered this a sin…they called it “hybris” and its perfectly illustrated in the Illiad when Achillies kills Hector and drags his corpse around behind his chariot in front of the walls of Troy. The killing is fine, but its the display and degredation of the corpse thats so shocking.

This is the modern form of this long recognised behaviour.

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Video Game culture.

You always loot a downed opponent, to see if you can upgrade your equipment or find crafting materials.

To the victor goes the spoils imo

Multiculturalism is the main culprit.
Sure, some races are just more crude than others. But even they often run relatively decent societies. But put them together in an urban jungle…

Drugs don’t help as well as the rest of the rotten culture.

Finally, there’s the general alienation with late stage capitalist industrial societies. Everyone tended to have their place. Now the system wants everybody to be some sort of entrepreneur and a fake freedom fetishist when that’s just an excuse to for a faster, sleeker system/more efficiency.