Why do people on both sides attack someones source

There is not a single thing that can be trusted. Governments look out for themselves. Scientist go where the money is, and if they step out of line they are shunned and blocked and deleted. The climate change scam has been going on for decades now as those same ones screaming the loudest are in private jets, mansions, and beach houses.

So the question is, what source can be trusted to be giving you honest news? We have been lied to by governments about this “virus” for over a year and a half

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None of em. Fuck em all.

Definitely not you.

At this point, there are no sources that can be trusted

It’s not the sources. It’s you.

You have to understand how to evaluate information if you care enough. Sources of information have engaged in bias and propaganda since humans were drawing on cave walls. It’s not a recent development.

Basic information literacy is a start. Critical gasp! media studies is helpful too.

Its never been this bad in western countries.

What a good, thoughtful post.

Because we are all cunts that love to argue with each other. It’s just another talking point to talk shit.