Why do people post just to say ...

something stupid on someone else's thread. Now, I know I am going to get all the smartass answers from people, but I enjoy a good laugh so go ahead. But my point is - someone makes a thread about something and someone else goes on to say crap like "Who Cares," "Quit Whining," and such. If you don;t like what you read, then don't read it and don't reply to it.

Now, you all can't use Who Cares and Quit Whining on this thread, because I already did.

Have at it.


My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Rickson by passionate kiss 2:33 round 2

Keep 'em comin'

I agree..it's good to be a smartass..but it's different being a dumbass


who cares?

lol Attacko

My dad used to tell me to quit being a smartass when I was little, so I would ask him if he wants me to be a dumbass. That's where I first learned to turtle up to help protect from too much damage.

I am not referring to a specific post. It just seems that so many people think they opinions are the only ones that mean anything.

Quit whining!

Quit winning!



*tries really really hard to remember if I ever post anything "stupid"*

I will get back to you on this subject, I have some "fun" posting to finish..............

Take this to the OG, PAL!!!

my cats breath smells like my dick.

My post numbers are really low so I wanna say......

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.


rickson by water bottle!!


Are you going to WEC on the 16th? You dont have to fly :-)Just think,Shonie will be there along with MTV,Randy Couture,and possibly Royce Gracie?

By the way can I get your e-mail for the future(I`m not a stalker,trust me)


LOL @ the Gecko!