why do some dogs and cats freak out when

they look in the mirror? and others act like they don't see anything? what's up with that? Phone Post 3.0

PTSD Phone Post 3.0

oh that's right, my chiweenie did two tours in Nam Phone Post 3.0

dogs and cats don't understand the concept of mirrors, they think it's another dog or cat

Self recognition or mental retardation, or your dog is part elephant...This video will explain it better.


I'm on my phone and not sure if that link will work. If not, YouTube elephant looking in mirror, it's from a recent episode of through the wormhole. Phone Post 3.0

Some more fully straddle this world and the next. Like all living beings, they are being stalked by beings from the next life, and they can see those stalkers in the mirror.  

Humans, being more firmly entrenched is this world, can rarely see such a sight.  At best, we're limited to glimpses in our peripheries

I don't care about this. Why do they always freak out when I try to fuck them in the ass? Phone Post 3.0

My pup is getting groomed today.

He'll freak out the first few times he sees himself.

Why do some love peanut butter, and others are such prudes? Phone Post 3.0