Why do they make soup so freaking hot sometimes?

I get the general idea that "Its soup, its for cold weather!!! If its cold weather, people want their soup warm to help them stay warm!!!".

I get all that. And many places make the temperature perfect. Warm, but not painful to the touch.

But why the fuk do some places make their soup have a temperature when serves of basically 100 degrees celcious? It doesn’t have to stay how in the bowl for fucking 45 minutes, just a couple minutes from the time your dirt-ass employee ladeles it from the giant heated soup container in which it rests into your bowl and then you spoon it from your bowl into your mouth. The whole process should take about 5 minutes. If it takes LONGER than that it is because your service fucking sucks, work on improving that, not upping the soup temperature so that it is at a perpetual boil.

Also, I’m a red blooded American hetrosexual male, if I’m ordering soup instead of a fucking pizza or steak or something its because I’m in a HURRY. That means I don’t want to have to sit there for 10 minutes after its served blowing into the fucking bowl before I can start eating it.

The fuck is wrong with some places?

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Life is hard for Grindrslice on the soup line.

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Fuck off already homoslice…another one of your shit tard threads.

You pay for soup? 

Fish love hot soup...

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Look at it this way. Mfers going to be pissed if we go to war. Mfers going to be pissed if we dont go to war. Mfers going to be pissed if our army stands idle for any length of time. Mfers going to be pissed if our army isnt going to bat for their country. All these mfers around pissed off obout this or that. You cant make everyone or sometimes anyone happy. Might as well be getting paid for it. What would of been baller is if Trump only accepted giving aide to them if when one of our country men die in the line of duty they personally write that family a 6 or7 figure check. Signed by the king dick of the desert himself. 

Agreed. Only thing I want to know is where does the money they pay go to? Does it lower the taxes needed from the average citizen to maintain that military? 

If I pay less taxes (or it get funded somewhere else) then I'm fine with this.

What I will not accept is our tax money going towards a military budget that the Saudi's pay for and their money going to fat cats in the companies that military already buys stuff from.

We’re already running a trillion dollar deficit.

None of us are seeing a dime from this.

Trump has nearly double the deficit under the greatest economy in the history of histories. How is that possible?

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