Why do we stress?

Why do humans stress so much? It’s weird isn’t it? The amount of stress people have. We do everything we can not to stress but still we stress about that. I’m sitting on a patio over hearing multiple people talk about their stress. Any answers? This beer is definitely helping with mine.


Because anxiety kept us alive through our evolution.
Hear a strange noise? You better make sure its not a enemy tribe creeping on us …
Need food? We better get hunting or our people will starve…
How far is our cleanest water source?
We better not get too far from it or we will die…
The list goes on and on. Its ingrained into us, it kept us alive and the world we live in now evolved faster than we did.

Thats how i see it anyhow.


Good question. I’ve learned to reduce stress over the years but still think when I’m about to die I’ll be frustrated that I stressed over stupid shit over the years. Life’s short, do your best, be productive and be nice…fuck everything else

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I feel like life is different for the folks who just need to find food to get them through the day.

But in the western world, most of us need to keep a job in order to eat, feed our families, keep our homes.

Finding food is in your own power. Keeping a job and hoping the economy doesn’t crush us is not.

I believe most stress comes from things out of our control, and most people are very much dependent on others.


I think that’s a lot of it. I would add, pending death. We are all marching toward it.

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