Why do we "take" a shit and not "leave" a shit?

Tell me!

I don't know, but either way I'm doing it now.

Beavis had this same question once

Or drive on parkways and park on driveways?

My students say "took a fart"

I thought it was policy? Take a shit, then leave one yeah?
I always leave my shit for the next person to take.

Shut up Beatrice 

Why do we give a shit?

Agreed. But I will continue to take pisses

I say im going to have a piss all the time. Im going to start saying have a shit too

My brother used to say this all the time, "you're not taking it anywhere, you're leaving it".

I like to lend a shit. When I'm done I tap the toilet on its head a whisper to it "I don't expect it back, buddy." 

My toilet has an electronic voice thing that says "Drop your nugget, watch me chug it." I still laugh each time I hear it.

Ben Gardners boat -

Shut up Beatrice 

Lmao, I know it's an autocorrect but I may use this in real life now!