Why do White Men have the highest suicide rates in the USA?

The Clinton foundation should do a study


I think these numbers are gonna grow rapidly in the next decade. Failure to launch syndrome will eat the younger millennials and upcoming Gen Z.

You spend your whole life working to provide and be a good person only to be told you have no worth, are evil and racist. Move along so we can replace you with someone with more pigment in their skin.


They find suicide the more attractive option compared to living 50 years next door to barbarians, I guess

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Don’t let it be you…
Take your 50 G’s and do something.

Holy shit

Was gonna say, hold themselves accountable for their successes and failures. And, are held to higher standards then others…


It’s become more and more obvious that humankind is just not compatible with the way of life we have been increasingly heading into over the last 5 years


They get divorced their wives take more than half, they hardly see the kids, and they wonder what was the point of it all? Did I waste my life ?

Too late to start over now. Too much debt. Can’t go back to school.

They spent most their life doing things for everyone else, only to realize women don’t reciprocate.

They also work a job they don’t enjoy it atleast doesn’t excite them. It was just a way to make money.

I think it’s more a reflection of how feminism has destroyed the western family.

Before the man was the respected man of the household and what he said was law.

Now it doesn’t work that way. And he works his life to provide for a family that doesn’t give him the respect he has worked to earn.

I think it’s also a reflection of the fact that most jobs today are soul sucking.

No child says I want to grow up to attend politically correct meetings and work 9-5 to make someone else rich. Or do most of the other jobs.

Could be part of it. Although I imagine cops and firefighters have high suicide rates too so maybe I’m wrong.

I’ve heard before Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession.


My ex worked in a trauma unit. She was astonished by the number of middle aged men that tried to kill themselves. Most would blow half of their face off and somehow make it. She would tell stories of tragic interactions between faceless dudes and their wives. Most dudes were between 50-65z


White man’s burden, LLoyd, my man. White man’s burden.


They tend to carry the weight of the others!


This kinda sums up alot of the Western white mans malaise IMO.

Along with the now having to bear the slander, disrespect, outright hatred, etc from half the political machinery of the country, the blacks they have bent over backwards to appease, etc. Hell, how many of you in your 30s or younger have any real faith in retirement or social security and such ever being a reality? If we even have a country at that point.

Speaking of which, having to slave away at work for 50-60 years with brief week long vacations if you’re lucky and then getting to actually do all the things you dreamed of when you’re old and retired is a horseshit way of life as is. Cue all the well off OGers to talk about how they have things so grand and love it all.


Fuck I could go on. Our daughters, sisters, women in general are degenerate prostituting whores who idolize the same. Our average test levels have been plummeting for years, we have no grand war or adventure or even rites of passage, we lack camaraderie that only really comes from battle, hunting, traveling in a small band. I could go on and on I think.



I knew one guy that was winning the game of life.

Retired from govt job young, used all his money to buy rental properties and moved to south America.

Was eye opening for me.


I’d also like to try and head off at the pass the sunshine and rainbows comments akin to get off the internet and things are great, not in my small circle of people, I don’t see this in my life, and so on. I get it.

My life in itself isn’t that terrible. However, deeper societal problems are evident and certainly have an effect on us all. That is undeniable and can be concluded from data as well as from being generally well read on the current “climate” of the country for lack of a better term.

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I’ve heard the Japanese work insane hours. Culturally you don’t leave work for the day until your boss leaves, so you spend your life at the office.

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Brings me to another point from my soapbox, a great deal of us in our 30s we’re sold a false bill of goods in some senses. Life changes with the world and one has to adapt to that of course; however, we were all sold the 90s white picket fence life with a college degree, easy peasy, just get a 4 year degree or a trade(at the time this was only brought up if you were semi retarded). We saw how our parents lived and imagined that we would love as well as or better than them. We were told that we would our whole childhoods.

Well, around 08 the ice cream really turned to shit. The world changed and alot of men have or are struggling to adapt their expectations of life and the idea of where they’d be by now.


True, seems adjusted for inflation people are making a lot less money than back in the day.

As prices have gone up significantly, income has not.

Six figures seemed like a lot when I was a kid. Now it’s not much really.

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I always thought 100k a year as a kid was rich, granted I grew up in Louisiana and East Texas. I mean, people I knew who’s family made that much lived like rich people compared to us who’s parents made 50-60 or whatever. They had fancy houses in the nice neighborhood, boats, dirtbikes, the works. Kids all had the nicest popular clothes, went to state universities.