Why do Yank fighters cry so much?

Ok guys I am curious...

I have been around quite a few Aussie MMA fighters and
I have never seen any of them cry..with the possible exception of one..a fighter with the last name of Hogan.

I am curious why is it that the TUF guys and even in some UFC events the fighters are so quick to tears.

I am not saying this is a good or a bad thing, I am just making a note. And I am generally curious, perhaps we have a different attitude ?

Do us Aussies have a different psyche' ?


We don't get paid enough to cry.

Good point.

Less at stake I suppose.

God don't get enough props from the Aussie boys either ;)

yeah, i reckon its because fighting for a living in this country is a bit of a pipe dream. Therefore most fighters aren't relying on it to pay their bills.

IMO It's the same reason that we are behind in terms of skill levels, we are fighting for fun in between work/study etc.

Those guys are doin it to pay the bills, a loss could mean they drop a level and take a paycut. For us a loss just means hanging ur head in shame the week after at training.

but in some seasons some of them guys have
had pretty sub-par skills and saavy.


maybe you aussies are braver than the rest...

well I do know that in America we tend to be a bit more quick to show our emotions than here. It seems in many ways you guys are much more private. There is also that "she'll be right mate" thing that just isn't American. Ofcourse those idiots on TUF are not typical either, especially my good friend Gabe, who is very not typical.

Having said that, I cry a lot when I am preaching, it brings in more money :)


"Having said that, I cry a lot when I am preaching, it brings in more money :)" - Jesus Christ Rev! I am not even sure thats funny dude! Maybe it is ? :|

Honesty is the best humour

I don't ask for money when I am preaching.