Why do you feel Shamrock beatsTito

Why do you think Shamrock beats Tito in a rematch?

Tito beat the hell out of Ken non stop till Ken had to GIVE UP, HE QUIT! Did I miss something that was so good about Ken that would give him chance to win the rematch?

I think not..he got his ass handed to him!


Brooks i know, its all good. Those two dumb fucks are gay and have no clue what they are talking about. Ken got lucky as fuck against Kimo, BUT Tito is not Kimo. Ken has no chance he wont even be able to quit next time cause they will have to carry him out of the cage...

Brendon "Hollywood" O'Dell

Shamrock will never beat Tito, all you need to do is look at his "training"
methods to know this.

Ken wins this one on the 32nd of Nevuary.

You mean there is someone who thinks Shamrock will beat Tito in a rematch? Can't say I've met him.

JrAsparagus..there are guys all over these threads that think Shamrock can and will beat Tito in a rematch. Just look around.

They flock together.


Shamrock dies.

ufc4life99 is one of these wack jobs!


A good percentage of those are trolling. They don't think Ken can win, they just like the reaction to saying he will.

That said, anything can happen. ;)

Two words:

Living Death

Ken couldn't beat Tito using Chuck's thumb.


"Ken got lucky as fuck against Kimo"

LOL!! How the fuck do you figure?? They're both past their primes and the better man won, plain and simple. It was much more an even matchup than any Tito vs Ken fight would be.

if ken is his best ever in every area, and tito is his worst in every area, ken has a chance

I find Samrock fat and ufc4life as annoying as anyone, but I do think Ken will win the rematch. He's old, but he has heart. And as goofy as i know this sounds, Tito's warrior spirt is strong while he's giving out punishment, but gone as soon as he starts to take it. I'm put money on Shamrock, at odds of course.

Shamrock by knee-bar.

Per the Theme Song to TUF:

Steak and Chicken

For your core

Leglocks and brawling

is what's in store

This is the ultimate

tanning booths and purple capes

the main event

is what's in store

doesn't matter

if you're beat to a pulp

get a rematch

You're a whore


Why did Forrest survive ?

The speed and timing of his sprawl.

Thats it.

Who here thinks Ken can pop down and up that fast continually....or even once ?

And Ken's pride and 'warrior spirit' will most probably mean he won't come out with a gameplan of stick and move like Forrest (or Chuck) do.
He'll come out and try to go toe-to-toe giving Tito the takedown opportunities he needs.

Tito will get a takedown, and will pound the hell out of him just like the first fight.

Ken's chance of winning is between slim and none. However, for some reason I won't mind seeing Tito beat Ken down again.

Nobody thinks Ken will win... not even Ken could be that dumb.

If Tito goes after Ken the same way he went after Forrest, Ken wont get past the first round.