Why do you fight?

I'm working on a sociology paper on MMA where the main discussion is the question of why fighters fight. It would be great to get some genuine feedback from others. Please take a second to think about the real reasons you enjoy the sport and give me your opinions!

1. staying fit
2. the satisfaction that comes in working very hard for months for a competition and then doing well in that competition
3. knowing that there is no limit to how much i can improve

theres many many more

I watched UFC 2 when I was 13 and said one day I wanted to be in that. I then played rugby for about 6 years and used it as an outlet to deal with some emotional/mental issues that I had at the time. I then blew my ankle out in my final year of rugby.

For a couple years I didn't do much other than lift, and I eventually had a relapse into my issues. Things to be honest got to a boiling point in terms of my mentality and behaviour. I discovered canuckles on my way to work one day and joined up that night.

I continue to fight because the level of competition is unsurpassed. Just about anything goes, it is the most truthful test one can place upon themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. Honestly, I've been lied to and had people attempt to direct me for their own personal gain, and it still happens, but in the ring it's honest and truth that surpass for the most part. No matter what was said prior, or what will be said after, in the end, it is a fight between two humans. It is one thing in life that you rely on no one but yourself much of the time, and you really don't need to stop in that ring until your brain shuts down. I love it because as long as I'm concious I'm still there.

lol, anyway those are the REAL reasons.


The fighting ring/cage is one of the last places where you actually succeed by merit. It doesn't matter who you know or where you went to school - all that matters is who tapped or got KO'd. Weasels and cowards with big mouths get shut up quickly. Justice is quick and certain. Honour means something. You can't say that for the rest of modern day society. Plus, fighting in a controlled environment is a fantastic outlet for aggression and nobody goes to jail. The pride you feel after stepping up and putting it all on the line is also extremely gratifying.


That gave my goosebumps.

brad.... ill add one last thing, a major component as to why I fight... but email me if you want it for your report please: deshaad@hotmail.com.

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thanks for the replies. This thread was actually created by a friend of mine that I told could use my password for her paper . Is it still cool if she emails you Chad?

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Chad & Pattitude - a couple of thoughtful guys. Impressive stuff!

"Cause I can't sing or dance"- Rocky Balboa

Mike182....CT, get you ass back in the gym as ssooon as your exams are over...Oh,I got the tapes you asked me for.
Chad...well said.
Pattitude..nice. The essence of 1 on 1. No talking big and hopin no one will make you prove.
Sorry Brad, no addition to what you asked for, but good stuff no matter.

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I'd like to add another dimension to the merit comment. The flip side of that is that there is nobody to blame when you fuck up. If you're on a team (baseball/basketball/hockey/etc), you can always pretend that bad teammates are holding you back. You can always point to somebody else who messed up the play, let the points be scored, etc. With fighting, there's only one person responsible for your victory or failure.

Also, there is a comraderie that teammates involved with combat sports have that, I believe, is unsurpassed anywhere. Because you and your teammates are putting each other into positions that could be devastatingly injuring, there HAS to be a respect there. There HAS to be trust. Cause if there isn't, how are you gonna let him take your arm and bring it to the breaking point? How are you gonna let him choke you till you're near blacking out, and TRUST that he'll let you go?

It's also something very unique. There aren't many people in the world who are willing to get into a cage/ring and really put it all on the line. Being one of them, even if you have no aspirations to go to the "big show", is something special.

Just my $.02, anyway

"With fighting, there's only one person responsible for your victory or failure."

Hummm... allow me to disagree a little bit.

Without the instructor and teammates, the fighter would not be able to train to reach his best.

True, but they can't help when the fighters in the ring/cage.

Combat sports are an odd sort of team because while you rely on your teammates to prepare you, in the end your on your own. No matter how hard your teammates and trainers work, its up to you to perform (or not).

It's not like traditional team sports. In those, you can see cases of one strong player carrying a team much further than they would normally get. In fighting, it doesn't matter who's in your corner, cause there's only one person in the ring/cage.

it's a bug that bites you...
like a viral infection that you can't shake-off, or maybe don't want to? danger, excitement, fear, curiosity, all mixed into one.
its like a drug, you need your regular shot to keep you sane.

to find out who you are

a test for yourself to pass

One photo will sum it up! See the cover of the latest Tatami magazine with Silva.

Thanks Joe and Magnus!

I do it for the money. All fifty dollars worth!

Seriously. I like the responses on this thread but to me they seem more like reasons you think up to try and make your desire or need to fight seem somehow poetic and justified to impress some hot girl in your first year philosophy class.