Why do you hate Lee Murray?

From everyone's story (except tito's, obviously), it seems Lee was just defending himself. Tito just charged Lee, knocking over Lee's girl in the process, and Lee dropped him. Lee hasn't bragged at all. He doesn't even talk about it. And from all accounts, Lee is exciting as hell to watch. So what's the deal? Why the hate?

I hate him because he's a MW and Tito could never make 185 so we'll never get to see it resolved.

Other than that......he's okay for a Brit.

I hate him because he's British, and British people, although they speak American better than most, still speak funny and have a disturbing foreign air about them.

In all honesty, I'm very much looking forward to seeing him fight. He's been hyped by the Brits-- and the streetfight with Tito (which is a poor mark to judge from). But he looks to be a guy in great physical condition, seems like he's got the heart, and takes his training seriously. If he fights with half the energy of Freeman, I'll be a fan.

I think he is a good fighter..but some loudmouth supporters take it too far.

I don't hate Lee Murray, I hate his nutriders. I hate all nutriders for that matter. No one man is a God, and fighters certainly are no exception. People shouldn't act like they are.

Now that Randy Couture guy, he an exception =^)

I don't like how he has suddenly become the next "BIG" thing. He has a win over Pele, but other than that, look at the records of everyone else he has beaten. Not very impressive.
If it weren't for the Tito ortiz incident, nobody would even recognize his name. Let's see how he does after a few fights against big opponents, then we'll know what kind of fighter he is.

I hate Lee Murray becuase my name is Shiloh.

He has obnoxious supporters. Who knows what Murray is all about.

I don't know much about Lee Murray as a person or a fighter but the trolls have turned me against him before I have even seen him fight.For all I know the guy could be the next UFC champion but I was sick of hearing about him before I even saw him so I'm hoping for a quick UFC career just to shut some of them up.

"I don't hate him, but some of his supporters are obnoxious."

Well said.  That's the same I feel about Lee Murray and Yoshida. It's not so much what they've done, as much as it is the trash talk from their supporters.

phatboy : "I like Murray and his #1 fan Skelboy."

I'm with you phatty!!