Why do you post at the Holyground?

I like to share my experience on spiritism.

I am curious about other religions.

It is not everyday I can find educated people on a mma forum.

I like to practice English.

What about you?

I like religion, the discussion of religion and the fun debates that go with it.

I also like to read about other's beliefs and learn about other cultures.

I forgot to say: there are wonderful people here. :-)

IsnĀ“t it! :-)

I'm fascinated by the search for knowledge about the Universe/Reality. This necessarily overlaps with areas of Religion. Religion/Science/Philosophy all butt heads now and again. Once a knowledge claim is made, I can't help but examine it to the best of my ability to see if I'm willing to believe it.

The Holy Ground is a collection of interesting, smart folks who bring different perspectives to many of the questions in which I'm interested. A lot of my pals, even my religious friends, just ain't interested in shooting the sh*t about this stuff. Two sentences in and their eyes are glazing over.

Glad to have people here to talk with.

I also frequent other discussion boards (some religious, mostly secular). On the secular boards people are mostly making points with which I agree, so I find myself observing more than participating. Not to mention some intimidating, wicked-smart, knowledgeable folks there who I can only watch in awe.

But, back to this forum; I find myself tested and having to shore up my knowledge and facts, or re-examining what I thought to be true. And that's a great thing. (There certainly are folks here smarter and more knowledgeable than I, so it keeps me humble).

I also post with the hope that I can contribute some little bit to someone else's understanding of a subject. It's not about converting, it's just about understanding.

Thanks all.


(Sometimes I just disappear off this board because work demands it).

Well, prof said it better. I was just going to say mainly to correct misinformation.

Why do I post here?

I'm stalking Crescentwrench

really though I am fasinated with Theology, everyone's not just ones that match my own. Plus I like and enjoy conversing with everyone on here.

Plus I'm practicing my English as well. My spelling is aweful...I use spell check alot on my book.

yours in Christ