Why does 5’9 Conor McGregor call other fighters short

To be fair, if you’re any shorter than him, you’re probably not considered tall.


Anyone ever stood beside him? Is he even 5’9” or is he even shorter?

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He looked 5’9 next to Mendes if Medes is 5’6

He’s 5ft 8.25

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It’s never the 6’4 guy that talks shit about short dudes it’s always the average height insecure motherfucker.


Fucking knew it. Manlet.

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Yup he’s 100% 5ft8.25 at best, a

And I’m being generous giving him that extra 0.25

Top Google searches have him at 5ft 8.5

But I saw him at Bellator in Dublin , now he had shoes on, and who knows if he had lifts in his shoes.
Let’s go with 5ft7.5

Cowboy is listed at 6ft even

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A) he started his career in the ufc at 145 where he had a significant height/reach advantage against several of his opponents.

B) he’s an ego maniac who looks for insults for everyone he can

C) he made Nate Diaz sound like he was Andre the Giant everytime he talked about him after the first fight


5’9" is absolutely not the average height nowadays. Kids in Ireland are 6’. Shorter kids are an exception now, not the average.

5’9" is short.

That is completely true.

It’s not even that somebody can throw him through a wall. He could actually throw lots of dudes through a wall himself.

It’s that, they don’t need to throw him through a wall. They don’t need to do anything. That’s the whole crux of it. They just need to stand next to him and that’s enough.

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Boyd this my calf lad is a short, fat puddin head, he’s obsessed with this black pill neck beard shit.

I’m 6’3” it’s rare to meet a kid taller than me, average height of kids here is no where near 6 foot tall.


No fucking way the average in Ireland, for any age group, is 6 feet. Lmao


It’s 5ft 7, that’s the average from a quick Google search

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The Dutch. (People from the Netherlands) or Holland for any Americans not to clued up in geography has the highest average height


Looks like the Bosnians have taken over the leaders Holland, in one study anyway


Without shoes 3’4.

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Average Irish PERSON, not male.

That’s nonsense! Go to any shopping center and kids are huge! 6’.

Find Conor meeting his fans in Dublin and look at they all have magnifying glasses out looking for where Conor is on the ground.

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Ten push ups and that wheezy walk around the garden, go

You might have lost the genetic lottery but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape.