Why does Big E suck so much?

No matter what push he gets, he can’t get over. He can only thrive in his tag-team.

Cause he’s a ridiculous cheeseball.

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His hairline/haircut are horrible. Huge strong dude, should maybe lean into that instead of dancing and acting gay.


You spelled “insufferable twat” wrong.


I’m just glad his gear finally covers his ass cheeks, it has for a while, but it was quite unsightly years ago. Wonder why he even wanted to display his cheeks like that…

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He did cut a promo about busting Sami Zayn’s cheeks after winning the IC belt.

There is zero chance he’s not at least bi, if not just 100% outrageously gay.
I mean, this is the same guy that came to the ring in a diaper and shoved pancakes down his trunks.
(Then he gets high & mighty backstage, calling out other talent on their “inappropriate” behvior. Jeez)


Was talking about doing construction “in there” as well, among other things.

Speaking of, watching the 97 royal rumble on youtube and Ahmed’s bootycheeks are on full display. I am over the speedos in wrasslin,so many other suitable options.

I have been saying on here on here for years that Big E is a fruit booty. The whole New Day are fruit booties and lame as shit. Grown men fucking twerking and the crowd pops for it. The old bitter wrestlers are right that the new generation of wrestlers are closeted anime/video game nerds.

Shit The Rock cut a promo on him that was basically calling him out for being a dork.


Bootie o’s

For whatever reason, he’s just one of those types of performers that gets locked into a certain role and they can’t move on from it. Not a single New Day member could draw flies if you rolled them in shit as singles performers, but they have magic when they’re in that stable. Just the way it is for some guys.

Good news for him is that they can put it back together anytime and it’ll still be at least somewhat over with the fans, so they always have a go-to to pull out of the bag of tricks.

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Isnt he like a legit NCAA wrestler with massive credentials?

Edit: nm power lifter and football. I was way off all these years and it explains his physique better.

Its also possible he has not as motivated to try new things and preferred his comfort zone?

He should tweak his character and be a badass flamboyant colorful wrestler, very similar to the exotic one, Adrian Street, and a true badass.


This would be amazing to see especially when its evident he could kick anyone’s ass(in spite of wanting to be fucked by anyone in the ass)

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He was a HS state wrestling champ, so it’s possible he could have wrestled on the D1 level if he didn’t play D1 football at Iowa.

Big E needs to go to a full on Goldust/Kwee Wee gimmick but have him debut it at the next Saudi Arabia show. The WWE can bring back Velveteen Dream and have Big E be his enforcer and help him groom “underage” stars. Have Big E go into the crowd and dance with kids passing out Booty O cereal and pancakes while asking the kids if they want to go backstage to meet the Dream.


His promo style SUUUUUUCKS I dont know what he’s thinking.

Did he blow out his shoulder last night? He wouldnt move his right arm after the win.