Why does everyone hate Gannon?

I must have missed something. Please enlighten me.

because the only reason he was in the UFC is because of an underground pitfight.

Petey has hyped the correct!

He cheated Kimbo...

because the only reason he was in the UFC is because of an underground pitfight.


Here are my thoughts. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I remember when the first Kimbo fight started circling on the UG. Everyone thought Kimbo was the greatest thing since sliced bread (I couldn't resist saying that.)

Gannon sacked up and challenged Kimbo. What's more, Gannon allowed the rules to be tailored in Kimbo's favor.
Gannon won the fight.

This fight put Gannon on the mma radar screen. UFC gave him a shot. He took it, once again sacked up, and entered the Octagon - the freakin' OCTAGON! I don't care who you are, you have to be a ballsy S.O.B. to fight in the U.F.C.

The way I look at it, you may only have one shot at a big fight like the U.F.C. Gannon got his shot and he took it. He was outclassed. Big deal. He made an opportunity for himself and took advantage of it. How may of us can say that? How many of us would do the same thing if we were given the chance? I don't understand the hate.

Props to you Gannon.

Gannon has balls yes but when the UFC brings in a 1-0 fighter to fight on PPV it brings down the whole show. This is supposed to be a high level event but last night was not a high level show. Gannon losing bad did not help. It's the UFC and not Gannon people should be disappointed with.

I respect Sean Gannon and I'm still a fan!

Gary Hughes

Attjack, you have a valid point. Gannon was clearly outclassed, but he was offered the fight and accepted it. It is the fault of the U.F.C. not Gannon.

So why all the hate?

Because the average poster here is a huge pussy who, if they train at all, go to BJJ once or twice a week and have never had the balls to step on the tournament mat let alone the ring.

So, they are content with jocking whoever they perceive as an alphamale. When their hero stumbles, they are the first to attack.

The same dynamics can be seen in any group of women numbering more than, say, 5 or 6. Which should tell you something about these guys...

I disagree with you DarrenJG. You know as well as I do, a person with a little ground training will beat a person with no ground training every time (if they can get them on the ground.) Gannon could have ended that Kimbo fight quickly with that guillotine if it had been allowed.

I am not saying that there are not many, many heavyweights that deserve a shot. I am just saying that the U.F.C. offered a fight to Gannon and he stepped up. He lost to a better fighter. I don't see any reason to bash him or hope he gets fired from his job.

I respect anyone who had the guts to walk into that cage.

Why would anyone be glad that a police officer got a beating?

I remember when everyone was riding his jock on this message board after the Kimbo fight. The U.F.C. tride to capitalize on the possible noteriety of his underground fight. Things didn't work out. Gannon got soundly beaten by a much better fighter. How in the hell did Gannon screw many fighters out of a shot? He isn't the U.F.C. match maker.

Because a Cop beat their super thug hero Kimbo at his own game.

Gannon screwed many fighters out of their shot to make the main stage because of the Kimbo deal, and he got what he deserved.

Who exactly did he screw over?

By the way, anyone who hopes Gannon loses his job is a complete ass. Gannon is a single father. He got his dream chance to fight in the Octagon last night. He stepped up. He lost fair and square.

JennyCraig you are completely correct, there is no reason to hate Gannon, he did nothing wrong. Maybe you can disagree with the UFC's decision to put him in the big show (I don't), but no reason for personal animosity.

I just hate cops

"Just resentment at having a subpar guy on a PPV that ought to only have deserving fighters. There are MANY guys who have earned a shot ahead of Gannon and who probably would have put up a better fight."

This is correct.

Don, do you think YOU should've taken his place?