Why does everyone hate Gannon?

I would like to see nunez4 versus Gannon.

There's no such thing as a fighter "deserving" or not "deserving" a fight in the UFC. The UFC is a privately owned event, not a charity community service project.

No one "deserves" to live in my house. I bought it therefore I live in it. Gannon became semi-famous online because of his fight with Kimbo so Dana gave him a shot in the UFC. Whether or not he deserved it does not come into it.

And he didn't TAKE a spot from someone else, lol. If you are THAT good at MMA you'll get to the UFC...its not like you are forever barred from the UFC because Gannon was on it yesterday.

Fighters who complain that Gannon took their spot is sort of like white people who complain that some minority took there spot in college. No, affirmative action isn't why you aren't in college. Your an idiot...thats why.

"You know as well as I do, a person with a little ground training will beat a person with no ground training every time (if they can get them on the ground.)"

LOL You're crazy!

Shame on the UFC, Dana White, et el. for booking Gannon based on the Kimbo debauchery.

No hate to Gannon, but let's see it as it is. A third rate 1-0 fighter getting a shot on the UFC that he did'nt deserve. That's not right, and he should get some of the heat. He was in piss poor shape and became a punching bag. Other fighters are chomping at the bit to get into the UFC, and they have fought alot more fights for piss money. They deserved it alot more than Gannon.

And we all would have, most likely, saw a more competitive fight.

I don't want him to lose his job. That's not the answer. Just stay the fuck out of PPV UFC. And lay off the Krispy Kremes. Put that money towards your kids tuition.

Gannon needs to work on his ground game and physical conditioning.

He didn't do that bad though. Keep in mind he was fighting an excellent wrestler. Kind of hard to get up against a guy that specializes in keeping people pinned.

To his credit, he did get some forearms and other shots in. It just seemed like he was nervous to me.

My point of view is: The UFC is supposed to be a top organisation and only top fighters should be allowed to fight there. Guys with 1-0 record shouldn't be allowed to fight in the UFC.

Agreed. They were just going on novelty value.

Can't expect a guy to do well based on Golden Gloves. We have seen how they have failed, many times before in the past.

Its cool he got to fufill his dream,I hope he gets to keep his job,but right now he should not have been in the UFC.

People screamed for Gannon, Dana gave us the chance and Gannon stepped up.

Wish it went better though.

He definately needs to work on his ground game and physical conditioning. Maybe he can rebound after getting a couple more fights in (wins) and come back.

I really think nerves had a lot to do with it though! What a shame for him, but then he didn't matchup well against a strong wrestler.

Let's sum up:

young to middle aged white frat guy types are fascinated by scary black men like Kimbo. Maybe even in a homoerotically charged way. They got excited watching that lame fight.

They got even more excited when Gannon, who definitely looks more like the casual MMA fan than Kimbo, challenged Gannon. Not to mention the police angle. It was like pasty, chubby white cop who was cool and didn't tell your parents when he caught you drinking at the park in high school vs. huge scary black man with a record.

Then Gannon won, and it was like a mini revenge for Holmes/Cooney. Okay, a miniature, incredibly trashy revenge for Holmes/Cooney.

The other side of the Gannon fence was like "WTF, this guy kinda sucks and has one fight, not to mention the only reason he beat Kimbo was because of his Homer Simpson-like skull."

So not only has the first group been disapointed in a way not known since finding out your parents were Santa Claus, the other group is even more upset that a shitty UFC card was made even shittier by his presence.

Just calling it as I see it. Good for Gannon that he got the shot, but you have to be crazy to think he deserved it more than about a zillion others.

Gannon is a warrior.

Gannon is a warrior! No doubt!

In retrospect, he wasn't ready for that particular matchup. The UFC would have done good to put him up against a standup fighter, IMO.

The UFC needs to look at their matchmaking.

Linkage is the correct.

Didn't like Gannon-Kimbo. Ashamed that the internet voice is strong enough that UFC listened and put him on ppv (in the main event, no less! holy shit). Shame confirmed when his Baby Huey ass got pounded.

The internet kept this sport alive for years. What did you expect? It isn't like we didn't know it was going to happen.

I think that bad matchmaking just made him look worse though. His opponent was one tough SOB!

Fighters who complain that Gannon took their spot is sort of like white people who complain that some minority took there spot in college. No, affirmative action isn't why you aren't in college. Your an idiot...thats why.

I have to disagree with you there.

Why blame Gannon? The UFC offered him a fight, and he took it because he wanted to test himself. He deserves nothing but respect.

A 100 people on this forum were begging for the UFC to sign Kimbo. Does he deserve a shot? What is his mma record? I don't really see the difference. Plus, Gannon beat Kimbo.

Props for Gannon for "stepping up", but did people feel like they got their money's worth? Doesn't sound like it. People were expecting a tough guy along the lines of Cabbage or Tank and Gannon failed to live up to expectations.

Unfortunately he will be remembered as the modern day Fred Ettish (outclassed karate guy from early UFC for you young'uns). Fred "stepped up", took one hell of an ass whooping, and was flamed on this forum for a good 3 years but in the end became an UG legend. Gannon should expect about the same thing coming his way.

Props to Gannon for getting the opportunity and for taking advantage of it. Like JennyCraig said, everyone that saw Kimbo's original fight thought he was the greatest thing to walk on two legs. When it was rumored that he was looking for fights, Gannon stepped up to the challenge. Whether that got him noticed by the UFC is not confirmed. Everyone can speculate on why he got his shot, but as a local fan I've seen him dominate around here for a while now. Glad to see he got his chance on the main stage, and I wish it could have ended up differently. Hopefully he'll get another shot and show what a lot of us locals have seen what he's really capable of.