Why does Henderson throw the diamond cutter sign?

He's no DDP

All that aside, great fight, and card. Worth my $60 Phone Post

it's for his gym, and holy trinity something like that

lol. Self-high-five that shit! Haha.

Hes an idiot.

 Redneck told me he is an illumaniti opperative.

The Roc is in the building

Its for his gym, The Lab. Phone Post

Either way, diond Dallas page owns it, haha Phone Post

^diamond Phone Post

It's because he's super religious. Represents the holy trinity. Or some shit like that. Phone Post

eru88 - The Roc is in the building

hov Phone Post

Cuz he and Diamond Dallas have the same hair!!!! Phone Post

crazydave -  Redneck told me he is an illumaniti opperative.

This! Hope he takes me with him when shit hits the fan Phone Post

I thought he was doin the heart to the crowd. Phone Post

Roc A Fella yo Phone Post

It looks like its from Taekwondo form "Koryo"

I believe hes said its for his gym, The Mma Lab Phone Post

Guess if it's religious it preceeds DDP. cool also if it's a gym thing. DDP vs Henderson. WCW title vs UFC lightweight title for ownership. Edgar as crooked ref Phone Post

 its a Royce Gracie triangle idiots

What's a DDP?