Why does Jor Rogan get paid more than ufc fighters

I just learned that Joe Rogan gets paid 25k for his commentary. I like Joe a lot and I think he deserves it...but a lot of the fighters don't get paid half of that and they work so hard.


Most UFC fighters make more than him...


Agnt - Most UFC fighters make more than him...

Considering he does EVERY PPV, and assuming that figure is accurate, Idk how you arrived at that conclusion... Phone Post

Imo, unless they can find someone special, a UFC ppv without Rogan is a fail. It's just not the same show. So he deserve it i guess. Phone Post 3.0

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Agnt - Most UFC fighters make more than him...



do they fight on every UFC?

Beat me too it Phone Post

Agnt - Most UFC fighters make more than him...

Wat Phone Post

Well if you're saying he gets paid more than them overall then yeah.. he does more events...

Agnt - Most UFC fighters make more than him...

This is so not true.

Not every fighter makes GSP money.

In fact, I will say that 80% of UFC fighters are getting paid LESS than Joe Rogan per fight.

No locker room bonus? Phone Post 3.0

So watch any other mma show or get any other commentator and see if they compare to joe rogan, because they won't, the ufc wouldn't be the same in my opinion without the excellent entertaining commentary. Phone Post

Joe brings more to the table than most UFC fighters. Been there longer, etc.

Fighters can be replaced, Joe cannot. He has been with the company for along time and deserves every penny. Phone Post 3.0

So you're saying starting out fighter pay should be 25k to fight? Phone Post 3.0

Maybe because his voice is linked to the success of the UFC. John Cholish isn't. Phone Post 3.0

The only two ways to watch UFC PPV... With Joe and the volume up or without Joe and it on mute... He gets you pumped in the fights can't put a price on that! Phone Post 3.0

Is that everything he does or just commentating?

He's been a loyal company man for a long time and stuck with them through hard times, I think he's earned that paycheck.

Why do birds suddenly appear?

He's Joe Rogan dude. Look at it like this, Rogan is great at what he does. He's been doing it for years and is a HUGE fan fav for a professional commentator. All fighters have the oppurtunity to go from 5k to 65k+. Factor in OTN bonuses and under the table compensation. They only get paid as much as they put out. Not to mention sponsors and merchandise sales. Rogan hasn't been making this amount his whole commentating career for the UFC, as stated he started with them making zilch. I have no problem with this. Phone Post

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Long time ago, Dana said "Joe Rogan used to do the shows for us for free, when the UFC had no money....now Joe Rogan gets 'Joe Rogan Money' ."


Can't find the vid yet.

Can't argue with that... or at least I can't/

Because then forum members would have one less thing to complain about. Phone Post