Why does Joshua Clottey get no respect?

 The guy is tough.  He would have beat Margarito if not for breaking his hand on that anvil of a head.  He'll fight anyone from 140 to 154. 

The reason why I ask is because not enough people are giving Cotto credit for beating him with blood pouring in his eye the majority of the fight.  Seriously, what's it going to take?

Clottey is a tough guy. He let the fight slip away against Cotto and could have finished him when he had him hurt. He gets my respect.


Paul Williams offered him $650,000 to take Pavlik's place and fight him on December 5.

Clottey however asked for more money or to have the date changed to a later time. He should have nutted up and taken it.

Especially since if I'm not mistaken that would be the biggest payday of Joshua's career.

IMO, because nobody knows who the fuck that is..

mcpeepants232003 - I think I'm one of the only Clottey fans out. I really thought he was going to beat Cotto. People are giving Pacquaio too much hype. Obviously he's great but he barely squeaked by Marquez in both fights. He's obviously one of the two or three best fighters in the world but people act like it's impossible for Floyd or Cotto to beat him and that's not true at all.

 I like Clottey too, and I think he was scared of getting KO'd by Cotto himself after feeling his power.  He's very tough, but he seems to wilt a little during times of duress, his one real flaw.

Clottey gets no love. I was telling everybody he would beat Cotto. Personally I thought he did, but I guess he didn't deserve to win because he should have done more.