Why does Strikeforce fail?

Rewind to about three weeks ago, before we knew about the Tourney, before Kirik responded to Sagiv's email.

SF was still being seen as an inadequate organization with horrible planning and logistics. From a business perspecticve (not trolling, or shilling) what are the fundamental problems with Strikeforce as an organization?
Is it Coker? Or is it merely a matter of perspective; would ANY organization look shitty in the shadow of the monster which is UFC?
I know there must be at least one or two UG'ers that aren't totally inept... Lets hear what you have to say

One word:


Teenage mutant lesnar turtle - I think the main reason beyond all else is the simple fact that the UFC has an absolute stranglehold on the market. I mean casual fans often cannot differentiate between "ufc" and "mma" and even less casuals realise that the sport exists outside of the ufc.

Sf make some irrational decisions at times but really it makes no difference how good or bad their product is until mma penetrates the mainstream more in such a way that a wide audience will be aware that the sport has multiple orgs.

I think we could give casual fans the benefit of the doubt. I mean that last Challengers card had 320 000 viewers. Thats too much to disregard, I think MMA has broken through, maybe not all the way... Theres got to be more to their failure than that... Maybe things will be different post HW Tourney...

 it isn't Coker, he's been killing it in Cali for YEARS...

In his interview with Ariel, he indicates that this Tourney is the first stage of a 5 year plan. At the end of which, Strikeforce will be a dominant force in MMA.... The plannign behind it is indeed sound... Glimmer of hope?

unless someone here works for SF and is privy to the books, I can't say if they are in trouble or not.

They always were a local show doing their thing until TV came and put a spotlight on them, and of course fanbois endlessly debating which org is better.
Meanwhile SF just keeps chugging along, neither growing nor downsizing and putting good cards together.

Seems like they are doing what they have always done, just with added TV revenue.

They are doing what the UFC did before TUF, getting in where they fit in. They've never failed, just made due with the resources they had at the time. Until they get a real roster in every weight class they'll put on what they can with what they've got. I think it's awesome, it's not all McDonald's like the UFC can be....

 "Fail" at getting bigger and more successful???

how does Strikeforce's success/failure relate to last weekends Challenger's event? they aren't even the same thing

UFC being the face of MMA, majority of fans generally don't care for anything but the UFC, regardless of wether SF put on better fights or not.

Allowing fighters to fight elsewhere. This really effects match making and putting on relevant fights.

This tourney is solving A LOT of MMA issues and debates regarding Strikeforce as an organisation, the legitimacy of their belt, their matchmaking and ability to put on fights that make sense, and Overeem and Fedors careers that have been consistently debated over the past 2-3 years.

Yet the people that complained about these things still find reason to complain which I find pretty pathetic.

Strikeforce are doing everything right with this tournament and I really really hope it is a success and helps them reach the next level of popularity. Phone Post

Strikeforce's contract with Showtime ends in April of 2012, at which point I believe they will sign a deal with TNT

 Strikeforce doesn't market very well. A random person off the street knows what the UFC is, but have no idea that Strikeforce exists.

It's like if another football league tried to actively compete with the NFL on the national stage.

Strikeforce is an excellent regional promotion, and I look forward to the tournament. But they'll never be able to compete with the UFC directly on the national level.

Humphrey - how does Strikeforce's success/failure relate to last weekends Challenger's event? they aren't even the same thing

Stikeforce Challengers and Strikeforce aren't the same thing?
I was merely pointing out that 320 000 'casual fans to whom MMA=UFC' tuned in to watch a mediocre card with a mediocre ME

The more competition the UFC has, the better it is for the fighters and the sport

I have showtime and watch strikeforce a lot. Strikeforce is a new organization trying to establish themselves. The UFC has been around for around 15 years. The UFC has been through their rough patch just like every business goes through. Strikeforce is not as bad as you think. they put on good fights, organized to a certain point, have good fighters, and pay their fighters. They are just young. Phone Post

I think Bellator has done a much better job with lesser fighters

Gorilla Grip - I think Bellator has done a much better job with lesser fighters

Great Point. Lesser fighters, lesser exposure, lesser operating budget. Maybe the Tournament format is the key to MMA Success from an organizational standpoint

lol @ fail

One of the reasons is crappy 'MMA fans' who label every promotion that is not the UFC a 'fail'

Chris Power - One word:


Yeah, I wish Strikeforce would go back to the good ole days with main events like Sapp vs Nortje and Tank vs Buentello (thats JimmersonGlove line)

I'm sure you prefer that than the signings of Fedor, Mousasi, Jacare, JZ, King Mo, Mayhem, Big Foot, Werdum, etc.. plus now a HW GP

Oh, the good ole days...

liquidrob - lol @ fail

One of the reasons is crappy 'MMA fans' who label every promotion that is not the UFC a 'fail'

Tell me what else I think please. Do I think Bellator is failing?