Why does Strikeforce fail?

liquidrob - lol @ fail

One of the reasons is crappy 'MMA fans' who label every promotion that is not the UFC a 'fail'

I was thinking pretty much the same thing when opening this thread.
If this tourney goes off without a hitch, Strikeforce will have a better 2011 imho.
not in terms of revenue, ratings, etc. but for the hardcore fans this is great. We shall see great fight cards. Not like the zuffa machine making us buy a ppv every month with one, maybe two good fights(on paper) per card.
UFC has probably the best roster on the planet. and now they have more weight classes/belts, and were lucky if we get one title fight per card. with the guys they have signed, every card should be absolutely stacked ala PRIDE days. these "weak" cards are a "fail" in my eyes.

Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Strikeforce. You have to appreciate the matchup's these guys put foward. All the talk about M1 and negotiation; these guys manage to get Fedor signed and fighting, that's an accomplishment in itself. The HW Tournament will be huge, for SF and for the sport. I just wanted to get some opinions on where their downfalls are...

Sagiv Lapkin -  Strikeforce doesn't market very well. A random person off the street knows what the UFC is, but have no idea that Strikeforce exists.

It's like if another football league tried to actively compete with the NFL on the national stage.

Strikeforce is an excellent regional promotion, and I look forward to the tournament. But they'll never be able to compete with the UFC directly on the national level.


Gorilla Grip - I think Bellator has done a much better job with lesser fighters

Are you retarded? Is this something you actually think?

Strikeforce destroys Bellator on every level, better announcers, better events, better fighters, bigger arenas, better presentation, etc.

I like Bellator because I love MMA but let's face it, Bellator is one tent and one douchebag owner away from being the MFC

ufc sucks and has since they added gloves and got rid of the keith Hackney nut barrage. wouldve Phaeled against Chael