Why does the Pride site say?

Why does the Pride website say that the fight is on Sunday and is $19.99 while my Comcast Pay Per View says its on Saturday at 3:00PM and is $29.99?

Damn 18 views and nobody knows?

The live event should start about 1 a.m. Pacific time Saturday night/Sunday morning.

So it seems to me the PPV could not be Saturday. Hope that helps. I have no specific info for Comcast.

wish i could help you

don't feds. or comcast charge taxes on the event,shows,or movies

The one on saturday is a replay of the GP tournament 1st round (at least it seems so from reading the description on my cable menu). They haven't put up the bushido yet on my cable(comcast).

so when is the new one then?

fuck comcast

if you look at the times and move to the right, Bushido is 19.99 on Sunday at 5:30.

Sha Bi- it is still possible. Remember Japan is a day ahead of us. It would be like a 14-16 hour delay for us. That is possible.

Ladies and Gents,

The correct price is $19.95.

We're not sure how Comcast/INDEMAND listed the wrong price, but it is $19.95.



again, it's the GP repeat that is 30 bucks...I saw that today on my cable

bushido is 20