Why Does The World Hate Trump and Love Joe Biden?

Trump didnt come across well to folks that didnt have a strong emotional attachment to him

At least you didnt argue the bitter cunt part.

Trump didnt come across well to folks that are emotional.

There…fixed it for you.

Notice how they always know how the entire world thinks…like there was a secret meeting about it.

They’re the same person. I outed them last year when I found them posting the exact same argument about Trump inheriting Obama’s economy on different threads. And when I say the “exact same argument”, I mean it was multiple lines of the same text word-for-word.
I called out Believeit on it (he was the second one), he said it was bullshit. I linked to the thread zeekman had originally posted on, then copy & paste the text. He conveniently quit responding to me. And they both ignored me when I trolled them both about it on every thread they were on for a several weeks after.
Now I just have them both on ignore status, since they’re #1 - trolls, and #2 - it’s obvious Kirik, mods, et al give zero fucks about alt accounts.


Because America first agenda means way less handouts

Pretty simple

Trump is a narcissistic dip shit who (which i still dont understand) decided that being as polarizing as possible was the best solution. All trump had to do was stop tweeting so much, but no, he decided to articulate every thought no matter how retarded it was to the public.

Biden just stays quiet.

The end

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There are 75 million qanon followers?

It’s pretty sad that this is what matters to our country

The world hated Jesus too.

The hate Trump because he speaks the truth. Can’t have that.


When hasn’t it mattered? Public image is everything and ALWAYS has been. Remember the lets have a beer together obama shit? Yeah but it was like that everyday.

I fucking hate all politicians, but I especially hate that our politicians are social media butterflies. Fucking retarded.

The media told the morons he is bad. Look how many morons on this thread say that Trump was bad for the US, the AA community, the LGBT community. The facts done back any of that up. To the contrary actually but there are a lot of stupid people that trust the media that has lied to them for years. Critical thinkers know Trump was the best president ever. Trolls and morons don’t look at facts. It’s too much work for their pathetic little brains.

They’re both cunt, but if you can’t see why I really don’t think anyone could explain. Trump is about the worst form of human on the planet, and was way before he ran for office

Folks likely hate Trump because he was an incompetent conman

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MAGAbabies still crying about most folks despising Trump

Cry Me a River, BITCHES

You spelled CUM incorrectly. I think you meant “cum me a river”

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Not the greatest Trump fan, to put it mildly, but the hate was 100% media made. In their effort to polarise more and more, they now lost all credit. Confidence in media has hit rock bottom.
Nobody gives a crap about Biden. The next generation will not read the WaPo, the NYT and the other Lugenpresse. It’s all a fugazzi.

The stupid mob used to believe in Christian fairy tales. Now they believe myths that are far more damaging

Yeah the media brought trump down but he brought them down with him

Nah, Trump put Russia first.